santa, letter, wishes, holiday 2018, write your letter to santa, letter to santa
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Write Your Letter to Santa This Year

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santa, letter, wishes, holiday 2018, write your letter to santa, letter to santa
Letter to Santa

I will honor Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year. Charles Dickens

Have you written your letter to Santa yet? Let’s be honest, how long has it been since you have sat down and written a letter to Santa. Maybe it was when you were a kid – maybe 7 or 8 years old? Maybe it was when you sat beside a young family member and wrote one along with them. Well, today we are going to get out a pen and piece of paper and write a letter to Santa again. It’s time to open up your heart, let the wishes flow and dream like anything and everything is possible!

Huh. I’m not sensing a release of joyous energy flowing from you. In fact, I’m feeling the wall starting to build and I’m thinking you are going to exit this article…but wait! This is going to take a really short time, and you are worth it. So take a chance, and let’s try writing something down on paper.

Your letter to Santa

I promised this would take a short time, so let’s quickly get you started.

  • Start with today’s date
  • Now address it just like you did all those years ago “Dear Santa,”
  • Now, tell Santa a little about yourself. “My name is ___________________. I’m _________ years old.” Of course his knows who you are, but Santa letters have a format, and enjoy the tradition of this little introduction.
  • Now it might have been a long time since you have written an actual letter, so remember now is the time to politely ask Santa how he has been. Maybe ask about the weather up in the North Pole, Santa will appreciate your kindness.
  • Now you can list out some on the things that made you a good person this year. No matter how big or how small, anything counts at this point in the letter. Santa knows how you’ve behaved this year, so this is your list to help Santa remember some of the highlights.
  • Now we have come to your wish list. Nicely ask Santa for the items that you have been dreaming of. Maybe there are physical items that you really want. Perhaps it’s a helping hand, like having a cleaning service to help each week or a magical car pool that helps to make transportation easy. Write down any ideas that you have no matter how impractical they seem, this is a letter to Santa after all.
  • Some people end their letter with a request for another person. After all, you do have Santa’s attention now, if you feel strongly enough about a wish for someone you care about, there is room for that too.
  • Finish up by thanking Santa with a Merry Christmas and be sure to sign your name.

Burpee Gardening
How do you feel after doing this letter to Santa? Was it easy for you to do? Did you struggle with a certain section? Now it’s time to send this letter to a good place. No, we aren’t going to send our letters to the north pole. Instead we are going to put these away in a private place, and keep them safe until we take our next step, which will be after Christmas. Stop back here to Designing for Plenty between Christmas and New Years and we will make your work today really matter!

Happy holidays everyone!

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  1. Talk about bringing back childhood memories. This could be a family activity for all of use to do together. This is wonderful.

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