When To Change Your Daily Routine
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When To Change Your Daily Routine

When things are changing around you, you have to consider when to change your daily routine. Right now, the world is going through a lot of changes, and our normal routines have been interrupted. For a lot of us, that has us feeling like we are swimming in unknown waters. One of the best ways to gain a little more control of your personal situation is to create a routine that will give you stability.

If you find yourself floating around the house not knowing what to do and sinking into a couch for hours and not accomplishing much. You look back on the day and have a hard time remembering what made Tuesday any different than Thursday. Or, perhaps you have a role that makes your job critical and you find yourself giving your all during a working shift, and then all you can do is collapse into bed and try to regain some of your energy to keep going. Again, not having any measure to show what you have accomplished from one day to the next.

Making a new daily routine can help all of us to make sure we are giving time to the things that are important to us. Let’s explore some key categories that you want to plan in to each day, no matter how small of a block of time you can devote to it.

Categories to include in your daily routine

  • Sleep and Rest – It’s important that we plan how to schedule in time to sleep, or at the very least some time to rest. Each of us have different lives right now and you will have to decide how to schedule your individual needs. If you are in a Stay Home environment, make a bedtime and stick to the schedule. Don’t leave the TV running and fall asleep when you are bored. Having a set bedtime (and a set time to wake up) will send your body the message to sleep and recharge. If you are working crazy shifts, and things change without you having much control try to work with a team member and agree to give each other breaks. Perhaps you can bring a small blanket or something to cover your eyes so you can give your body some time to block out the work sounds. Maybe having ear buds and some of your favorite music to close your eyes and listen to can give your body a chance to come to a more relaxed state. Knowing that you are making rest a priority will give you the energy to move to the next item in your day.
  • Meals and Snacks – Now more than ever, we need to keep our bodies energized with good food and stick to a schedule to make sure you are getting what your body needs on a consistent basis. Sitting at home and feeling like you are grazing all day? Set a time for meals and snacks. Trying to grab bites as you are making deliveries or covering a crazy shift – pack small snacks or meals that will keep you going even if you can’t run out to get a meal.
  • Exercise – Whether it is doing stretches between patients, or doing yoga in the living room. Find some ways to keep moving and keep your body healthy. Take a family walk around the neighborhood. Take your dog for a walk around your backyard or a nearby park. Walk the hallways at your workplace when you can grab a few minutes. It may not be the exercise that you love, but for now find an activity that you can work into your day and make time for it each day.
  • Productivity – Each of us need to be productive each day and have something that we can look back at and be proud. So look for the things each day that you can put in your productivity column. Maybe it’s helping your kids get through some really hard homework that both of you were struggling with. Good for you! Maybe it’s helping a patient to connect to their family by getting them step up with a video call. How about delivering that package and seeing a thank you sign at the home and knowing that you made a difference in somebodies day today. Whether you are staying home alone, or around others, we can all find things that made us productive throughout the day. Try to find 3 things each day that made you feel good.
  • Outdoor Time – It’s important that we also set some time aside each day to get outdoors and appreciate what is going on in nature each day. Tonight, before you go to bed, step outside and check out the stars. Take some deep breaths and enjoy a quiet moment. As you wake up, grab a cup of coffee and step outside to hear the birds sing. A lot of birds are migrating now, and you will find a wonderful variety of bird calls if you take a few moments. Find your moments to appreciate that the seasons are moving forward and showing us things to appreciate if we take the time to use our senses and enjoy what is around us.

Think about when a change to you daily routine can help you work in the things that we all need. This routine doesn’t need to last forever, but be open to the rewards that you might find. Stay Safe, Stay Healthy and let’s us know in the comments below what is working for you.

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