Waiting for Spring

The transition from winter to spring in the Midwest can be a roller-coaster ride.  One day it is reaching up to 65 degrees and people are starting to pull out their shorts and T-shirts and the next day we have an ice storm, beautiful on the trees and plants but not so fun on the roads we have to drive on.

Then that is followed by 3 or 4 days of weather in the 40’s where things start to melt and we start dreaming of warmer days to come, and then that dreaded Weather Alert comes out and we find out that we’re in for more snow to shovel.

At least she is excited every time it snows!

So how do we keep up the excitement that spring is coming when we keep getting curve balls thrown from Mother Nature?  Here are some ideas that might make your Designing for Spring a little easier to take as the weather reminds us that we still haven’t quite transitioned into spring.

  • Starting seeds indoors – In my opinion there is nothing that gets me looking forward to moving back outdoors more, than watching seeds start to sprout.  So whether you have a garden that you are looking to fill or you want to try your first tomato plant in a pot on your small porch, starting seeds can be a great experiment. I love fresh warm tomatoes that are just picked for a simple sandwich or salad, and they are incredibly easy seeds to start by yourself.  If you’d like to see a video and have instructions on how to get started, here’s a link for you to Start Your Own Tomato Plants. Herbs are also fun to start from seed, I love basil to go along with my fresh tomatoes so try the foods that you like and enjoy the growing process.
  • Look for recipes – I know that one of the first plants that I can harvest for baking is my rhubarb.  So this year I’m going to actively Design my Spring and find 5 new recipes for rhubarb that I can try out. And an added bonus, I still have a few bags of chopped up rhubarb that I froze last year, so if I get too anxious for spring baking to start I can try out a few of those recipes early.I love looking on Pinterest for new recipe ideas and if you’d like to see some of the recipes that’s I’ve pinned in the past feel free to follow this link to my Plenty of Recipes board.
  • Make a Spring Bucket List – Brainstorm some ideas for things that you’d like to do in the next 3 to 4 months and create a check off list for yourself. I’m calling this a bucket list because this isn’t going to be a list of chores to get done for spring cleaning, these should be things that make you look froward to planning when to do them.  For example each spring there is a big horse-fair that comes the midwest. That’s going to be the first thing on my spring bucket list. Then there are going to be road trips, first farmer market visits, planting my tomatoes of course, and I’m just getting started.  What kind of things are going to show up on your list. I’d love for you to share your ideas in the Comments section below.

Well, I hope that spring arrives soon for all of us, and I hope you make sure to include some fun things in this new season.

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  1. Eileen says:

    Very true! Good ideas.

  2. How true it is to wait for Spring. haha It is the same here in the Northeast! Huge blizzard right before Spring can really bring the spirits down when you are just waiting for those warmer days that are supposed to be right around the corner. Great post of ideas to think Spring!

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