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The Make-Ahead Sauce Solution Cookbook: a Storey Publishing, LLC Book Review

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sauce, cookbook, Elisabeth Bailey, book review, storey publishing
The Make-Ahead Sauce Solution

The Make-Ahead Sauce Solution by Elisabeth Bailey is a cookbook resource that will make meal planning easy. I was excited to look at this cookbook because it contains 61 recipes for sauces that can be frozen and made into meals when you need them. It also said that every recipe was accompanied by a quick-reference chart showing a range of meal possibilities. I would rather make a bunch of dinners on a day-off than try to cook every night so I though that this might be a good cookbook for me.

There are wonderfully detailed (and pictured) instructions on how to make sauces and freeze them in the right method and then thaw them and reheating. They even have “What if” scenario questions that are good to know. However, the pages that follow were the interesting part to me. It is a section called “Preparing a Base for Your Sauce” and it contains easy instructions on everything from pasta, baked potatoes, Tofu, all the meat options, etc. and it even included sandwiches, side veggies and soups. The reason I thought this was so incredible was that the reference chart for meal possibilities was set up based on the preparing a base section.

Sauce Solution Using a Base Example

Say for example you want to try the sauce solution of Roasted Red Pepper and you take a bag of it out of your freezer. The chart shows you different meals that you can make using the base options of; pasta, potato, chicken, shrimp and scallops, white fish, pork, beef and veggies. The author even calls out “My Family’s Favorite” options in the chart, and she gives suggestions on sides that give you a complete meal.

This was a rather magical find for me, because I’m not a great meal planner, and usually I need to use up what was on sale and in my freezer. Having lots of options for each sauce possibility just made a mix-and-match meals so much easier and more appetizing.  Eating chicken 3 nights in a row becomes a lot more exciting when you can make a Mediterranean meal on night 1, an Asian inspired meal night 2 and an American classic on night 3.

Now on to some of the recipes to get you excited about adding this book to your cookbook library. How do these sound; Creamy Chipotle, Pumpkin Coconut Cream, Teriyaki Spinach, Sausage Ragu, Sage Pancetta Mushroom, Cheddar Ale (yes, it’s listed as a family favorite and now mine is used over pasta to make an amazing mac and cheese!) and the list gets better and better! Now, I bet you are wondering where the sandwich and soup options come in, so let me give you a savory example. The sauce is Blue Cheese, Pear, and Hazelnut the sandwich idea is spreading the sauce over a sliced sandwich bun and topping it with sliced cold pork and crisp lettuce. Next, spice up your soup with Pepper Havarti by garnishing with a spoonful or an amount to your taste.

There is so much variety of ingredients in these sauces that you’ll be able to find lots of options to try. This cookbook will be great for your library and if you have a friend or family member who likes to cook (or perhaps that needs help on planning and meal variety) it would make a great gift idea.

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Disclosure:  Thank you to Storey Publishing for providing me with a complimentary copy of this e-book for review purposes.  No other compensation was received, and all opinions are my own.

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