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The Guy Who Died Twice: a Penguin Group Dutton book review

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lisa gardner, the guy who died twice, dd warren, short story, mystery, thriller, suspense
The Guy Who Died Twice

The Guy Who Died Twice is a new D.D. Warren short story by Lisa Gardner. This fast paced mystery starts out with a challenge, where D.D. is describing a case that she is calling a winner in the strangest case category. The reader gets to delve into the mystery as D.D. tells her husband Alex, a crime scene analyst, the details of the case.

She begins by telling him that a gentleman, by the name of Adam LaToile, came into the Boston HQ and wanted to speak with a detective in charge regarding a murder. He was literally coming in to tell a detective that he was already dead. Alex tries to clarify her point by asking if he thought that he was the target of a murder. D.D. explains that, in fact, Adam LaToile believes that he is dead, as in no pulse or brain activity. That he is dead.

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Alex asks her to start at the beginning. D.D. tells the story about how Adam is sorry to come to them like this, but he must convince someone that he is dead. And then the story gets really interesting, when D.D. tells Alex that two hours later, they get a call from Mrs. LaToile and that he is now, really dead. The investigative team goes to the LaToile house and finds him with a giant knife between his shoulder blades.

The rest of the details of this case you will have to investigate for yourselves. It’s a fantastic story and because all of the suspects are in one house, you have a finite amount of options to choose from.  
Each new set of clues that D.D. gives to her husband has the reader changing their idea of who the guilty party may be.

I hope you enjoy The Guy Who Died Twice as much as I did.Treat yourself to some reading time this winter and enjoy a great mystery.

Disclosure:  Thank you to Penguin Group Dutton for providing me with a complimentary copy of this e-book for review purposes.  No other compensation was received, and all opinions are my own.

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