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Book Review

The Christmas Heirloom: a Bethany House Publishers book review

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#TheChristmasHeirloom #NetGalley, The Christmas Heirloom, Holiday, Holiday 2018, Christian, Anthology, Baker Publishing Group, Bethany House Publishing
The Christmas Heirloom

The Christmas Heirloom is an anthology made up of 4 christian holiday novellas. What makes this book so interesting is that all the stories tie in an heirloom brooch that has passed through families from mother to daughter for almost 200 years! The stories take place starting in the 1820’s and span right up to present-day. What this brooch means to the family members, and if its magic will highlight their holiday season, you will have to read the book to enjoy the outcome.

This book is composed of 4 authors works; Kristi Ann Hunter, Karen Witemeyer, Sarah Loudin and Becky Wade. Each story has its own plot, location, and cast of characters. So it’s fascinating to see where the multigenerational ties come in through the stories and introduce the Christmas heirloom connections. This holiday collection will fill you with holiday cheer and start your Christmas season in a wholesome celebration.

Legacy of Love  by Kristi Ann Hunter

The first story called Legacy of Love is written by Kristi Ann Hunter. Here we are introduced to Sarah Gooding who works as a dowager’s companion. This is a woman who Sarah respects because of her character and strength in a family that is not so kind. Sarah has seen how her employer has aged so quickly in the past months, and fears that this may be her last holiday. One other family member that has redeeming qualities is the youngest grandson, Mr. Randall Everard. His sense of humor and ease with which he teases he grandmother, shows how much she means to him. He is the third son in this family so he will not have a royal station in his life, and his grandmother keeps pushing him to live his life and surprises both Sarah and Randall with an announcement of her own.

Gift of the Heart  by Karen Witemeyer 

Story number two, Gift of the Heart by Karen Witemeyer is my favorite of the collection. Ruth Fulbright is a widow with a young daughter Naomi, and she has moved to a resort town based on a promise of a job as a cook at a local diner. Plans were put in place for her before her arrival and she soon finds out that her room and board will cost more than she can afford. She needs to put down her first month rent as collateral which she simply cannot afford.

She tries to make a deal, and is told that in the spirit of fairness, this simply cannot be done. So she insists on speaking directly to the owner, Bo Azlin, and makes a business deal with her family heirloom that he does accept. Bo has kept himself out of the public eye due to a childhood accident that left him with only 1 working arm. As he gets to know Ruth and Naomi better, he sees the possibilities that life has to offer and makes changes to welcome new opportunities into his holiday and his future.

A Shot at Love  by Sarah Loudin

A Shot at Love written by Sarah Loudin is book three in this collection. Fleeta Brady is a tomboy and she has an artistic gift with guns and can out-shoot every man in her hometown. Fleeta lost her dad, and shortly after she lost her mom when she was a young girl, and she has been living with her aunt ever since. She is torn when she needs to do feminine activities like cooking and cleaning because she would rather be doing her passion of gunsmithing. She sees how much her aunt suffers after she looses another baby in childbirth, and never does get healthy again.

Fleeta has to step up and help her one female cousin to pick up the slack for her aunt. So when her aunt presents her with a brooch that Fleeta’s mother wanted passed on to her so she could find love. Fleeta wants nothing to do with it and tries to hide it away. Now a stranger has come into town and has beaten her in the annual turkey shoot. This is a competition that Fleeta wins every year. Can this stranger change her way of thinking? One additional note on this story, I love when an animal gets to make a cameo appearance and contribute to the story. Here we are introduced to a very talented Blue Jay that makes a big impact on the story. I hope you enjoy Jack’s part in the story as much as I did.

Because of You  by Becky Wade

In the fourth story, Because of You written by Becky Wade we are entering a present-day story of Maddie Winslow. Maddie has been in love with a man for years that she cannot have. Leo married her best friend Olivia. As the story begins we find out how close their meetings were, and how Olivia won Leo. Maddie would never do anything to ruin her friendship with Olivia despite the fact that she was truly in love with Leo. Next Leo and Olivia had a little boy named Charlie and Maddie knew that they were Olivia’s guys.

Then a horrible accident happens and Olivia is killed and now Leo is a single father who has returned to Maddie’s home town. They attend the same church and are paired together to help with a Christmas project that will help a family in need to have a Merry Christmas. As they work together to help this family have a happy holiday, they work on their own holiday journey. When Maddie finds an old Christmas heirloom in a box that has her name on it, can this make a difference in her future?

These novellas are well written and read so quickly, I hope you will enjoy adding The Christmas Heirloom to your holiday reading list this year.

Disclosure:  Thank you to Bethany House Publishers for providing me with a complimentary copy of this e-book for review purposes.  No other compensation was received, and all opinions are my own.

Here is a link for you if you would like to add this to your collection: https://www.amazon.com/Christmas-Heirloom-Holiday-Novellas-Generations-ebook/dp/B07BFJ6FGR/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1542822045&sr=8-3&keywords=christmas+heirloom

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  1. I love when they make intertwining stories like this! And that they are fairly easy to read, and have a historical aspect.

    1. drriehl says:

      Yes! And there are not many books that do this. So I was happy to find a holiday book that featured this.

  2. these stories involve a lot of interesting plots and subplots. They really do make for emgaged holiday reading

    1. drriehl says:

      So true!

  3. This sounds like a lovely book to curl up to during the cold holiday break! I love that each is different.

    1. drriehl says:

      Exactly! A great book to relax with!

  4. This looks like the great book! I like stories that weave together and this sounds interesting with the brooch! How interesting that four different authors wrote each story.

    1. drriehl says:

      It really makes it fun, each story has a different feel, but when you find that thread that ties together it makes the story even more special! Thanks for your comment!

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