national help a horse day, april 26, horse, helping, volunteer, animal welfare
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Take Part in National Help a Horse Day April 26th

national help a horse day, april 26, horse, helping, volunteer, animal welfare
National Help a Horse Day

April 26th is National Help a Horse Day, and I am proud to take part in communicating about this important subject. The American society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals founded this national day of recognition in order to bring awareness of the need to help horses across our county. This includes horses that are neglected, abused and abandoned. We have all heard stories on the news about situations where animals need to be rescued, and it breaks our heart for a short time. But there are so many more instances of need that we don’t hear about, and it happens so much more than we should ever allow. It is important for us to seek out ways to take part in understanding and finding ways that we can help.

Across the county there are horse rescue groups and they need help in a lot of different ways. I had the pleasure of meeting the Founder and President of a local equine rescue and education center. They promote the methods of Natural Horsemanship and that really resonated with me, so I set out to learn more about what they were doing and ways that I could help out. I wasn’t in a position to help with financial donations but I wanted to be able to help in some way.

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Their organization is called Spirit Horse Equine Rescue and Education Center and you can check out their website here . Right on their homepage I found exactly what I was looking for…a section on “how can you help?” and it includes a lot of options; becoming a member, volunteer, sponsor an equine, donate, attend our events, like us on Facebook, print a flyer and share it, hold a fundraiser and other great ideas. I immediately signed up for their Facebook page and I was on my way to getting the education I was looking for about helping horses. This group updates me on events, stories about horses that need help, stories about successful adoptions, requests for help etc.

When I was planning out my April blog posts I knew that I wanted to write about Nation Help a Horse Day. I immediately thought about offering the type of help, that I could give, by providing viral marketing to Spirit Horse Equine Rescue and Education Center. I knew the type of things that they suggested on their website about how to help, but in my pursuit to make a life that is good and comfortable I thought that it couldn’t hurt to reach out their board of directors and see if they would be interested in my doing a post to tell you about them. I was happy to receive a very quick response and their interest in being showcased in the article. So if you have an organization that you want to support, find a way that you can help out even if it isn’t a monetary donation at this time. Volunteering helps not only the organization and community, but it also help you at the same time!

Here is their video showing what Spirit Horse Equine Rescue and Education Center is all about:

Another video that is on their website, and has made a big impression on me, was a runner-up in an international competition. This tells a lot about this organization and how they treat the horses that they rescue.

Natural Horsemanship is based on the idea that when working with horses you use the horses natural instincts to communicate with them. Horses do not learn through fear or pain, instead they learn through the use of pressure and the release of pressure. There are many different resources on natural horsemanship, and I encourage you to read more about this approach to working with horses. The method that they use at Spirit Horse is known as the Parelli Program, designed by Pat Parelli. The Parelli Program is a way of teaching the human to work with the horse in a way that uses “love, language, and leadership” as their guide to working in a partnership with their horse. If you’d like you to read more about the Parelli method, please visit their website

It is an inspiring way to make a connection with such a magnificent being, a horse. I have learned a lot about this method by attending horse fairs and attending lectures on the subject and I think this information from their website sums it up quite well:

“The Parelli method of natural horsemanship enables horse lovers at all levels and disciplines to achieve:

  • Success without force
  • Partnership without dominance
  • Teamwork without fear
  • Willingness without intimidation
  • Harmony without coercion”

Knowing that Spirit Horse Equine Rescue and Education Center is working in this manner with their horses, to try to give them a new life after what they had experienced, makes you believe in good again. If you would like to help out this worthy organization, you can do so directly on their homepage

If you would like to find a local organization for you to work with as you take part in National Help a Horse Day, go ahead and do an internet search for a rescue in your area. Remember that you can start small as you learn about their organization, and then figure out a way that you can use your skills to help and make your passion a reality.

Please share your love of horses, or your experience with equine rescues in the comments section below. Let’s make National Help a Horse Day a big event!

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  1. I love the idea of a National Help A Horse Day! I’ve loved horses since I was a little girl so I should definitely look up ways to help locally! Thank you for sharing. 🙂

    1. drriehl says:

      My love of horses also started when I was young, and this is a great way to stay in touch with that dream!

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