Take An Adult Field Trip

Take an Adult Field Trip
Take an Adult Field Trip

As we are thinking about Designing our own Plenty, it is important to build in time for us to have fun, and experience new things. So this week I’m going to encourage all of us to take an Adult Field Trip.  Yes, you heard me right – an ADULT Field Trip.  There are three important reasons that I’m suggesting this kind of adventure:

  1. Planning Something NEW to do – Whatever our situation, we could all do with a little escape from the norm.  Let your imagination go and see what kind of ideas you can come up with.  Maybe it is something you have never done before. Maybe it is something that you haven’t done for YEARS but would love to do again. Remember this doesn’t need to be a big trip that costs a lot of money or takes a lot of time.  It’s just the opportunity to go somewhere different and be YOU for just a little while.
  2. Carving out the time to make it happen – When kids go on field trips, it’s a pretty big deal. There is a lot of planning that goes into this and everybody knows the specifics of the event – date and time and how you are going to get there.  If you are a caretaker and you need to arrange for someone to cover for you during your absence, this commitment to picking a date and time is going to be very important.  It’s also important to keep yourself honest and really make it happen.
  3. Give Yourself Permission – This is the biggie for most of us. I’m guessing that you are already having a million things running through your mind as to why you can’t possibly take this field trip.  This first step toward quieting these voices is to give yourself permission to take some time for yourself! If you need to make it official, you can always write you and your family a permission slip just like when we were in school.

Now how about what qualifies as an Adult Field Trip.  In truth – anything!  If you need to start small and convince yourself that this is something worth doing, think of a small excursion.

  • A trip to your local library for 1 hour to browse through all the things that they now offer.  (Books, Magazines, Audio Books, Movies, Craft Kits, Software, check out what things are new at your own library – you may be surprised!) OR – if you are a library junkie like I am, visit a library in a different town and see what they have on their shelves that is new and exciting.
  • A coffee or hot chocolate at a coffee shop where you can relax.
  • Browse a local specialty store that you’ve never visited before.
  • A stroll through a local park to walk and enjoy nature.

If you are ready for some adventure and are setting aside more time for your Field Trip how about trying:

  • A botanical garden where you can stroll through the beauty and discover new plant and animal species.
  • Visit a fair or carnival and treat yourself to a ride you haven’t been on since you were a kid.
  • How about visiting a Zoo and enjoy watching animals for a few hours.
  • Gather a few friends and play a friendly game of miniature golf, laughing at how bad you are as  an adult is allowed.
  • Go Horseback Riding for an afternoon.
  • Attend a Craft Class and learn something new (pottery, sewing, stained glass, knitting the possibilities are endless).

What kinds of things would you like to try? Start planning your field trip today and I encourage you to plan to complete it within the next 3 weeks.  Please comment below with your ideas for your trip and I’d love to have you check back in with us once your first Adult Field Trip has taken place and let us know how it went.  Have fun everyone!

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