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Take a Walk, Spring is HERE!

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spring, flowers, growth, change

Spring is here, and that means a lot of changes are going to be happening very quickly. I am always amazed at how much change can happen so quickly. One morning I walked outside and was amazed to see my first signs of spring…a clump of daffodils pushing through the soil. Right next to the leftover snow.

daffodils, spring, flowers, growth
Daffodils pushing through soil

Four short days later, and that same clump of daffodils now have buds formed and I am waiting every day to see when my first blooms will happen. Now it’s your turn to take a walk, spring is here, and find some changes to keep track of.

It could be plants that catch your eye. Maybe it’s the dormant tree that suddenly has buds! Maybe it’s the sounds around you. Listen to how many birds are around you, and see if your can find them and identify them. Maybe it’s the smells of fresh soil, and the promise of rain. Maybe you’ll see more animals – earthworms to bunnies and everything in between. So many changes, so much pent up energy bursting out and ready to get moving!

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Changes for Yourself

As you take a look at all the things that are changing around you, what kinds of changes would you like to bring on for yourself this season?

  • Exercise – after a long winter cooped up indoors, it is so much fun to stretch your legs outside.
  • Drink More – Iced teas, lemonades, sparkling waters and infused waters. So many fresh new ways to keep your body hydrated.
  • Gardening – Where I live it is WAY too early to get things planted outdoors, but now is the time to start planning. When can you start your seeds indoors, what plants do you want to try this year, do you want to do container gardening or carve out your very own garden.
  • Community Events – Watch for communications from where you live about upcoming events offered. Maybe it’s day camps for your kids, or exercise classes, discounted tickets to local attractions, or the community garage sale dates. Get involved and mark a few events in your calendar to try out this year.
  • Try Something New – Throw caution to the wind, and try something completely new this season. Always wanted to try flying a kite? Make use of the spring winds to make things soar. Never considered yourself a photographer? Get out and take some pictures to document your day, put them together to tell a story and look at what your accomplished and how you can communicate that visually. Try cooking a new dish using spring ingredients. The sky is the limit, dream big!
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Take a walk, spring is here, so what are you going to discover or enjoy this week? Please let us know in the comments below. Share a photo or describe what you saw. We’d love to hear from you!

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  1. Great post and omg I LOVE infused waters!

    1. Me too! I love the berry options the best, but I’ll be so happy to get some early spring flavors to get started again.

  2. I am so happy spring is here! I’ve been getting out for more walks and am looking forward to planting my first garden.

    1. Here’s to an awesome first garden!

  3. I spent all last summer making a huge flower bed, and I am SO EXCITED to see all my little buddies popping up right now! Spring is so much fun!

    1. That is so exciting!

  4. Yay Spring! I’m planning on planting my herbs indoors soon to help me feel like Spring has actually sprung! Love the idea to start drinking lemonade and iced teas, too!

    1. What a great idea to get a jump on fresh herbs indoors. Cooking is so much more fun that way!

  5. Ah I love this! I’m in Canada currently & although it’s still really cold, I can definitely feel Spring in the air! So refreshing! I’m really excited for some warmer weather, it’s been a long winter!

    -Madi xo | http://www.everydaywithmadirae.com

    1. I agree it’s been a LONG winter and with so much snow. It’s nice to see some growing hope. I hope you get a nice warm up soon.

  6. Yeah… with spring, we can have more opportunities to explore and go out more.

  7. Marissa says:

    Yes I’m so excited for spring! I plan on trying plenty of new things.

    1. New things to bring in spring, I hope you have a great time!

  8. Shannah says:

    Iā€™m so happy spring is here! It has been beautiful weather the past few day and is is really nice to get out and get some sunshine.

    1. Sunshine makes everything better!

  9. It’s still cold here in Massachusetts but the days are warming up. We are hopefully going to have a beautiful weekend coming up so I’m excited about that. Can’t wait to get back outside and enjoy the sunshine šŸ™‚

    1. Here is to a beautiful weekend! Happy spring.

  10. I am SO happy warmer weather is here! We’ve been sitting out on our balcony every evening drinking wine and soaking in the sun. šŸ™‚

    1. That sounds wonderful!

  11. I love spring, this is such a fun time. Gardening is a great hobby to have.

  12. I love Spring. Pleasing and comfortable. It’s the best time to be exposed to nature. Great article.

    1. Comfortable is a great way to explain spring! It’s a breath of fresh air that is so easy to take in and enjoy. Thanks for visiting!

  13. I love this – and my dog is thrilled to be going on longer walks, now that the weather’s a bit warmer!

    1. My dog is also very happy!

  14. Man, I never got my plant started this year. I bought a couple of geraniums but I didn’t do anything with them.

    1. There is so much time to keep trying! Good luck with your plants.

  15. Aarika says:

    I really enjoy the comparison of spring gardening and spring bringing change for us too. I love Spring! Best wishes with your upcoming garden.

  16. Great tips and ideas!! Also, your flower photo is beautiful!

    1. Thank you so much!

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