Take a Spring Walk Today
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Take a Spring Walk Today

More than any other season, spring brings rapid changes to enjoy and motivates us to take a spring walk today. Today treat yourself to just 10 minutes to get outside and take a quick walk. Use all five of your senses and see what you can experience. I promise you, you will be surprised at how much you can experience in just 10 minutes, and turn your mood around.

Use your 5 senses as you take a spring walk today

  • Sight – As you walk out your door, look around and see what is new. Has the color of your grass changed? Do you see any new buds on trees or bushes? How about that bird that just flew past you, you might see new birds in your area as they are migrating to their new homes. How about plants that are near your home, are they starting to show signs of growth yet? Find something that interests you and start walking in that direction.
  • Sound – As you walk can you hear any sounds that bring out the feelings of spring? How about a new bird call that you haven’t heard for a while? Can you hear the spring wind blow though the tree branches? If you have invited your furry friend on this spring walk with you, are they making any sounds to express their enjoyment? (Even though our grass is still brown, Ripley LOVES to flop down (a happy grunt meets my ears) and then roll on her back in a very un-lady like fashion (more weird sounds that make it hard for me not to smile or laugh out-loud).
  • Touch – Reach down and run your hands through the grass, or touch a near by plant. How does it feel to you? Perhaps it’s just me, but I experience a tiny jolt that feels like I’ve tapped into the plants power source. If you are near a tree, feel the bark and notice how strong it feels. If the spring showers have come, touch some drops of rain on a surface and think about how this renewing rain will help everything to grow.
Ramps are just starting to poke out of the ground in the woods. Soon I will be enjoying ramp pesto!
  • Smell – On my walk I was delighted to find the smallest of new shoots coming up in the woods. I reached down and rubbed a leaf gently between my fingers and smelled that wonderful onion scent of ramps. This is one of my favorite things to forage, and I’m already dreaming of my first batch of ramp pesto. They are so fleeting that I have to commit to taking many more spring walks in the upcoming days to watch their progress. What will you find today to enjoy a deep smell of? Flowers? The smell of clean spring air after a rain? Or something entirely different?
  • Taste – Can you find anything on your walk that you can take a taste of? For me I enjoy trying out the earliest of herbs and another onion taste I love is my chives. So I go in search of them to check in on their progress, and I enjoy chewing on a fresh new blade. How about a blade of grass? Or the sweet nectar of a clover or perhaps you go back in the house and make a pitcher of lemonade to enjoy the finish of your 10 minute spring walk.

Isn’t it amazing how much you can experience in just 10 short minutes? I hope you enjoyed your experience to take a spring walk today and I hope it inspires you to take more short walks in the days to come. Please share with us in the comments below what your favorite discovery was? Happy Spring Everyone!

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