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Send Holiday Cheer!

Send Holiday Cheer! I wish that I could shout this from the rooftops, but I’m too much of an introvert. So today I’m making a blog post to spread the excitement and get people motivated to get back in touch with people you care about.

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Ugh! I hate sending Christmas cards!

I hear this so often. Personally, I love writing out Christmas cards. To me it’s the perfect reason to drop in a friend or family members mailbox, just to say “hi” and not look weird. But I get peoples reluctance to send cards as well.

If sending Christmas cards is an obligation (friends, co-workers, family, the list goes on and on and I’m expected to do it every year) that’s no fun for anyone. If you have a list, and you don’t even know who these people are anymore. Again, no fun. The dreaded “Christmas Letter” where we agonize over what to include, what not to include, and how to make it sound like nothing but happy, happy, happy… Well, that’s no fun either.

So what if we turned this around and just decided to send out a handful of holiday cheer to people that you have thought about some time recently. We intended on getting in touch with them, but never really got around to it. This is the perfect time to send out some holiday cheer on your terms.

On my terms? What does that mean?

Get in touch with someone in a way that is comfortable and natural to you. If sending cards is your level of comfort – great there are so many beautiful options or you can even make a greeting with your own photos. But say that cards are not your thing. Here are some other ways that you can remind a person that they mean something to you, and you wanted to let them know.

  • Make a phone call – if catching up with someone though a phone call is more your style, go ahead and set some time aside to make those calls.
  • Suggest a coffee, lunch or dinner – Like to see the person face to face? Suggest a time and place to get together and catch up on old times.
  • Texting – If texting is the speed that is right for you, make a point to keep in touch with a couple people each day. Maybe include a holiday photo or animation that makes it a special surprise from you.
  • Secret Santa approach – Like to leave a small gift for your friend to find? Leave a little note letting them know that you were thinking of them.
  • Plan a group event – If you have been thinking about getting the old group back together, go ahead and put out some invitations.
  • Make a video – If you love to make movies, make a short video for your special person and Send Holiday Cheer!
  • Schedule a Holiday movie night – This one can work in person or long distance. If you see a favorite holiday special is coming on soon, get in touch with friends that enjoy the same movie. Make a plan to all watch it at the same time, and then get in touch (call, video call, text, etc) and discuss the memories it brought up.

This isn’t a full list of options for you, this is just to get you started with thinking about how you can Send Holiday Cheer and make someone’s day.

Send Holiday Cheer to someone you have never met

Last year a friend of mine told me about The Angel Card Project and it turned out to be a perfect fit for me to volunteer and send some holiday cheer to someone that could really use some. All it takes is cards, stamps and some time to send a special message. You can send just 1 card, or a lot of cards to anyone on their list.

Here is the place for you to learn about what it takes to be a volunteer to send cards

There are other great programs out there too, so find your way to Send Holiday Cheer and let’s all make 2019 a wonderful holiday season for everyone!

Let us know in the comments below how you like to get back in touch with people and spread some holiday cheer.

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  1. These are such great ideas! There are so many different ways to spread cheer during the holiday season.

  2. The Angel Card project sounds like such a neat program! I love sending and receiving hand written cards. It is such a nice touch in this day of technology.

  3. Lisa says:

    Great ideas! A phone call can really go a long way.

  4. Yolanda says:

    You definitely write about one of the most important parts of this season – appreciating and showing love to those we care about. The Angel card project sounds wonderful. I’m going to check it out. Thanks for the inspiration!

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