Whisper of Bones

Whisper of Bones (Widow’s Island #3)

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Dark secrets from the past bob to the surface in the third novella in the Widow’s Island series. When a body washes up on the state park beach, Deputy Tessa Black’s experience as a former Seattle detective tells her that the death was not an accident. All evidence points to another murder on the remote island. The victim is a local contractor with a shockingly long list of enemies. The more locals Tessa interviews, the…

Whisper of Bones is novella number 3 in the Widow’s Island series and this one is written by Melinda Leigh. Deputy Tessa Black takes the lead in this story. The mystery begins with a choppy boat ride taken by Tessa and Logan Wilde, a State Forest Ranger, over to Camilla’s Island – a neighboring wildlife refuge to follow up on the report of a body.  It soon becomes clear that this death was not an accident and a full investigation starts to answer the questions that surround this discovery.

A long list of suspects

In addition to Tessa and Logan, several other familiar characters help to solve the mystery. Cate Wilde is a long time friend of Tessa and she is an FBI agent who is currently on medical leave and recovering on Widow’s Island. Cate is also Logan’s sister. Dr Henry Powers is the sole doctor on Widow’s Island and by default he is also the coroner. Kurt joins the team as well and immediately know’s who this person was, Jason McCoy who was a contractor on the island.

Jason McCoy had quite the personality and a long list of enemies. This is making the variety of suspects into a very long list and each one of them has a different reason for wanting to see him dead. As the interviews  start, they lay out the picture of what type of man Jason was. His personal and business dealing with people on the island shift the scope of this mystery as it keeps getting bigger and bigger.

Time is running out

After an interview, Tessa and Logan returned to Jason’s home to look for clues. As they are driving up, they notice smoke coming from the house and they quickly enter the house and try to save any evidence. They realize that they just missed the person that set the fire and if they had not returned when they did the damage might have been much greater since this house was far removed from any neighbors.

One of the few people on the island that knew Jason well, but didn’t have a wish to see him dead, was Marybeth his secretary. She worked with Tessa and Logan to try and see what, if anything, might be missing from his home office. She worked with another member of the investigation to go through computer files as well as paper files. Working well into the night they finally decided to call it a night and pick things up in the morning. Tessa knew that they were running out of time to solve this mystery when someone attacked Marybeth the next morning. This murderer was determined to get rid of all ties to the crime and Tessa and Logan needed to finish this before anyone else was hurt.

Whisper of Bones is a fast moving delight of a mystery combined with great personal lives of the characters to fill out this satisfying novella. And stay tuned for a review on Widow’s Island Novella 4 which comes out at the end of this month. Grab your copy of Whisper of Bones today and get ready for the next big case in the Widow’s Island series.

Disclosure:  Thank you to Montlake Romance for providing me with a complimentary copy of this e-book for review purposes.  No other compensation was received, and all opinions are my own.

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