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The Peach Truck Cookbook: 100 Delicious Recipes for All Things Peach

The Peach Truck Cookbook Cover
A warm and stylish Southern cookbook, from the owners of the beloved Nashville-based The Peach Truck, celebrating all things peach in 100 fresh and flavorful recipes. When Stephen and Jessica Rose settled in Nashville, they fell in love with their new city. Their only reservation: Where were the luscious peaches that Stephen remembered from his childhood in Georgia? Amid Nashville’s burgeoning food scene, the couple partnered with his hometown peach orchard to bring just-off-the-tree Georgia…

I have not been this excited about a cookbook in a long time. The Peach Truck Cookbook written by Stephen K. Rose and Jessica N. Rose is now my favorite cookbook and I can’t wait to try out more recipes when fresh peaches are available in my area. I love peaches, but in the Midwest good peaches are hard to find even in season. Now I am motivated, more than even to find a good source for fresh peaches in season.

In the beginning of this book there is an interesting question. “What has a peach meant to you?”. It’s funny, in my family I am the only one that loves all things peach so I started thinking about how these became a favorite of mine because I didn’t get this treat much in my childhood. I think my passion really grew when I found a store (sadly it is no longer in business) that advertised chalkboard signs saying “Chin-dripping peaches”. Well I had to try them, and they were not kidding. I love apples and plums and all the other fruits that we can grow here, but I dream of going to pick a peach right off the tree someday.

Enter in the Peach Truck – they moved to Nashville and wanted to bring the fresh peaches that Stephen had grown up with. They worked with Pearson Farm, a fifth-generation peach grower, and developed a plan and a business to bring the best fresh peaches to people in other locations. Their start-up story is wonderful to read about, and the passion they have for sharing their love of peaches is obvious in their stories as well as their recipes.

The Peach Truck Recipes

The back of the book has a number of basic peach recipes that are then used in other peach dishes throughout the book. Some of my favorites are; Peach Hot Sauce, Peach Vinegar, Signature Peach Jam, and Peach BBQ Sauce. Now imagine, using the Signature Peach Jam to make Peach Candied Bacon. Oh Yum! During the 15 to 20 minutes that this takes to bake, the smell going through your house will be incredible and you may find yourself looking through the oven window like you are a kid again. Other recipes that will have you reaching for this cookbook include; Peach Dutch Baby, a fluffy pop-over pancake that you can make in a cast-iron skillet, Pickled Peach Deviled Eggs, Grilled Peach Caprese Salad, Peach Truck BLP (oh yes, I love the tomato that goes in a BLT sandwich, but try using a peach instead of the tomato and you may never go back), Sticky Peach-Glazed Ribs, and even Sparkling Peach Sangria. 

Whether you want to learn more about growing peaches, enjoying peaches, or how to cook with peaches, The Peach Truck Cookbook is the next cookbook that you need to add to your library. With over 100 recipes centered around peaches, you will be enjoying this cookbook for a long time to come.

Disclosure:  Thank you to Scribner for providing me with a complimentary copy of this e-book for review purposes.  No other compensation was received, and all opinions are my own.

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