the night window, dean koontz, jane hawk, book review, mystery, thriller, Random House Publishing Group - Ballantine Bantam

The Night Window (Jane Hawk #5) a Random House Publishing Group – Ballantine Bantam book review

the night window, dean koontz, jane hawk, book review, mystery, thriller, Random House Publishing Group - Ballantine Bantam
#1 New York Times bestselling author Dean Koontz brings Jane Hawk's one-woman war to an explosive climax as the rogue FBI agent wages her final battle against a terrifying conspiracy--for vengeance, for justice, and for humanity's freedom. Groundbreaking, wholly involving, eerily prescient and terrifyingly topical, Dean Koontz's Jane Hawk series sets a new standard for contemporary thrillers. Since her sensational debut in The Silent Corner, readers have been riveted by Jane Hawk's resolute quest to…

I am so sad to see the Jane Hawk series come to a completion, but The Night Window by Dean Koontz is as good of an ending as I could have ever hoped for. This 5 book series has been taking us through the life of Jane Hawk as she fights against the Arcadian rule. This entire series has taken place in just a few months but it has been so action packed that I had rather hoped that it would go on forever. Rightfully so, there is a conclusion to this series and it is a powerful ending that does an amazing job of explaining things, showing the true light in the characters and leaving the reader with a need to sit still and take it all in once they close the book.

The Villians

Wainwright Warwick Hollister. Wow! This man starts out the book. We learn of his feelings for his family. His pride and need for luxury.  The fact that he doesn’t believe in fairness and the lengths he will go to, to take care of the Hamlet list. Enter in Thomas Buckle, a guest of Hollister who traveled from L.A. to discuss being a film director for a project that Hollister wants to do. Thomas Buckle gets so excited when the project is pitched to him and his brain starts spinning with ideas while he listens to Hollister talk. Soon Buckle starts to realize how wrong things are sounding and soon he is in a race for his life.

Returning Characters, New Hero

We see a number of returning characters in The Night Window, but the return of Vikram Rangnekar is what makes this book my favorite in the series. Vikram is a talented white-hat hacker. Well, talented isn’t a good enough word to describe his skills, but as he teams up with Jane again, his hacking skills reach new importance. Vikram’s extended family are ready to help him, and the costs that this part of the story brings are very, very high. Vikram understands the stakes now, and makes each decision with heart and intention.


Jane’s five-year-old son is still being hidden away from the action that Jane needs to take. However, Travis is still a top priority for the Arcadian’s that are trying to deal with Jane because they know what loosing him would cost Jane. Bobby Deacon, a criminal who considers himself an agent of justice. His finds where Travis is staying with Bernie Riggowitz, Cornell Jasperson and Duke and Queenie the beloved German Shepherd dogs. Bobby decides that this kind of information will be a gold mine for him and he contacts an old contact, Carmine Vestiglia to see what Travis’ whereabouts would be worth to these people in the news. However Bobby changes his mind when he receives an offer far above what this information should be worth. However, now the trail has been laid, and the hunt for Travis is back in full gear.


She is having nightmares about her son. She tries time and time again to get Vikram to leave her and protect him from the people that she is sure he cannot comprehend. She’s trying to stay positive in spite of everything that is going on around her and she coming to terms with the idea that she is going to have to give up her life to stop this evil.

The Night Window is an exhilarating ride and this book is going to stay in your memory for a long time to come. A fantastic end to the series that can’t be missed.

Disclosure:  Thank you to Random House Publishing Group Ballantine Bantam for providing me with a complimentary copy of this e-book for review purposes.  No other compensation was received, and all opinions are my own.

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    Awesome review! It’s been way too long since I’ve read a Dean Koontz novel! This series sounds intriguing.

    Awesome review! It’s been way too long since I’ve read a Dean Koontz novel! This looks intriguing!

    I like Dean Koontz but have not read this series. It is definitely the type of reading I am into, I will look into it!

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