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Moral Compass by Danielle Steel

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NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER - At an elite private school in Massachusetts, a wide circle of lives will be forever changed by a devastating series of events in Danielle Steel's riveting new novel. Saint Ambrose Prep is a place where the wealthy send their children for the best possible education, with teachers and administrators from the Ivy League, and graduates who become future lawyers, politicians, filmmakers, and CEOs. Traditionally a boys-only school, Saint Ambrose has…

Moral Compass written by Danielle Steel is a story that we hear about in real life and we learn about things that happen before, during and after this life changing event that affects so many characters. The story takes place at Saint Ambrose Prep school and it’s students include wealthy families where money can buy anything, to scholarship students that have everything to loose. For many years Saint Ambrose Prep was an all boys school, but this year 140 female students have enrolled for the very first time. There is a lot on this line to see that this change of enrolling students will  be successful. So when a life changing event happens after the schools annual Halloween activities, everyone is left wondering how this is going to change the school going forward.

Moral Compass shown for so many characters

After attending this Saint Ambrose Prep Halloween event, 6 senior boys decide to duck out and relax with some smuggled alcohol. There is a zero tolerance at the school for drugs and alcohol so this close group of friends have to keep things quiet. They have a spot off of a walkway that you can reach behind bushes. When they see one of the nicest and prettiest senior girl walking towards her dorm they invite her to join their fun. 2 of the boys are becoming good friends with her, and each want a chance to deepen their relationship. As the bottle keeps getting passed around, and everyone is drinking more than they ever have before, an innocent gathering become something that none of them can come back from unchanged.

Powerful families hire famous attorneys and will stop at nothing to make the charges go away. Other families have no way to pay for legal assistance and are left to wonder what will happen to their child. This story tells the point of view of so many characters; students, teachers, administrative staff at the school, coaches, child advocates, famous parents, strict families, couples going through divorce, police, unexpected witnesses, and so much more. You start to see what kind of moral compasses these families have, and how people will react to something that will change all of their lives.

This story is so compelling, and it makes something we have heard in the news, too many times, really come to life. Each character processes the event differently, and 6 senior boys are seeing their futures change in an instant. Will they keep their secret? Will they tell the truth despite family pressure? What about the girl that is now in the hospital and nearly died from alcohol poisoning and so much more. How will she move on from this night?

Moral Compass is an great read and covers a tough subject with honesty and different point of views to consider and reflect on. The only reason that I am giving this book 4 stars instead of 5 is the sheer amount of characters that are involved in the story. Usually the character development in Danielle Steel’s book are so memorable, but this book had me struggling to remember the names and even the important details of the various characters. Often the story is told with 3 – 6 characters interacting all at the same time. It’s great for a book of this type, but the reading was not the easiest when you had to keep flipping back to the front to remind yourself who you were reading about. I would highly recommend this book, but be prepared to pay attention to the variety of characters and try to flesh them out in your mind so you can remember why their decisions are important.

Disclosure:  Thank you to Random House Publishing Group – Ballantine, Delacorte Press  for providing me with a complimentary copy of this e-book for review purposes.  No other compensation was received, and all opinions are my own.

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