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Making Space, Clutter Free: The Last Book on Decluttering You’ll Ever Need

Making Space Clutter Free Cover
Discover the freedom of a beautiful home, personal purpose, and joyful inner confidence Decluttering expert Tracy McCubbin offers revolutionary help to anyone who has repeatedly tried to break their clutter's mysterious hold. Her powerful answer lies in the 7 Emotional Clutter Blocks, unconscious obstacles that stood between thousands of her clients and financial freedom, healthy relationships, and positive outlooks. Once a Clutter Block is revealed--and healed--true transformation of home and life is possible. Her empowering…

If you have problems with getting clutter under control, check out Tracy McCubbin’s book Making Space, Clutter Free. This book is written in a way that is not judgemental, and is in fact ready to give you facts on how your personal situation is made up of certain key components, rather than being a result of being lazy or something else that you may be fearing. It’s a book filled with helpful information, suggestions and tips for how to take the next step and make space for yourself.

One of the most interesting chapters, in my opinion, was about seven emotional clutter blocks. We all tell ourselves stories so we can give a reason to why we are keeping things. That story allows us to give ourselves an answer, and we can stop thinking about it. These seven emotional clutter blocks speak to the types of stories that we use. After she introduces each block, she gives “The Clues” as examples to determine if this is your reason. Next she gives you “The Bridge” which makes you think though your logic and a new way to think about things and move to the other end. Finally she provides “The Helpful Phrase” which you are encouraged to say to yourself, or think of it often when you are tackling clutter.

Seven Emotional Clutter Blocks

  1. My Stuff Keeps Me in the Past
  2. My Stuff Tells Me Who I am
  3. The Stuff I’m Avoiding
  4. My Fantasy Stuff for My Fantasy Life
  5. I’m Not Worth My Good Stuff
  6. Trapped with other People’s Stuff
  7. The Stuff I Keep Paying For

You might be thinking that you already know what emotional clutter block that you have, but you will be surprised when you read through the specifics and understand why each one is all about. It’s hard to really look at yourself, and be honest, but Tracy McCubbins writing style helps you to get to the heart of the matter so you can make changes that will last.

Making Space, Clutter Free – The Clutter Freedom Quiz

This quiz takes you on a walk through your home and answer a series of Yes or No questions that will help you identify areas that you can work on. The quiz is easy, but it’s filled with some questions that will make you really think about your situation and how you feel about it. Here are a few examples of the questions; Do you leave your clean clothes in the laundry basket so you don’t have to fight putting them away? Do you eat out or order in just so you don’t have to spend too much time in the kitchen? and Do you wish you could redecorate but can’t because of what you’d have to clear? Remember, you are doing this quiz for yourself, there is no reason to share your findings, so be honest with yourself.

Starting with part two of this book you will put all of your findings to good use. You’ll find out the five questions to ask yourself about what to do with an object. You’ll get strategies and systems to organize what is left. She also covers Life’s Big Changes (downsizing, death, divorce, etc.) so that when you reach a milestone that may turn your working systems into something that no longer works, you will have suggestions on steps to help you adjust to your new life.

Making Space, Clutter Free. is helpful for getting control of your current situation, and then hold on to the book for future reference. There is no time like the present to take back control of your life, Here is to making your home a joy for you to live in.


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    Thank you for taking time to write this review. I appreciate your walk through the book. It helps with deciding if this book would be useful.

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