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Living Lies (Harbored Secrets #1)

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In the little town of Walton, Georgia, everybody knows your name--but no one knows your secret. At least that's what Lane Kent is counting on when she returns to her hometown with her five-year-old son. Dangerously depressed after the death of her husband, Lane is looking for hope. What she finds instead is a dead body. Lane must work with Walton's newest deputy, Charlie Lynch, to uncover the truth behind the murder. But when that…

I had the honor of reading a book from debut novelist, Natalie Walters. Living Lies is book #1 in the Harbored Secrets series, and I am so excited that this book is just the beginning for Natalie Walters. This mystery book has a lot of plot to enjoy and plenty to try to solve yourself as the book moves forward.

Living Lies – The Story

Lane Kent is the mother of a five-year-old son named Noah. She is making a life on her own, by moving back to her hometown of Walton, Georgia. A small town where people know everything about you – which is why it’s so hard for her to keep her secret. A secret that her father insists that she keep. In the beginning of the story, Lane is at a bridge, in horrible weather, and a man comes to help her and make sure that she is okay.

She is flustered and doesn’t know what to say, so she says that she is fine and is going to get back to her car. Lane has to walk through a wooded area, and as the weather worsens she is having a hard time navigating the path. Smelling something out of place in the woods, and then hears a noise that she doesn’t recognize. She chalks it up to an animal and hurries on her way. However, she soon finds herself face to face with a dead body and lets out a scream. and the man that saw her at the bridge comes to find out what made her scream.

The man, is Charlie Lynch, and he is the newest deputy in Walton, in fact his first day on the force was going to start on the upcoming Monday. Instead, he is put in charge of the murder investigation and he will be spending a lot more time with Lane and her son Noah as the investigation goes on. The story discusses Lane’s secret, her family, two people that she considers family -Sheriff Huggins and Ms. Byrdie and of course Charlie and his adopted dog Bane.

Engaging Characters and Plot Twists

Natalie Walters has a great way with character development. There is a character, Miguel, who is a vet and has issues that not everyone can understand. Miguel’s interactions with Lane show bits and pieces of his personality as we get to know him. Charlie has a completely different opinion on Miguel when he becomes part of the murder investigation. Different viewpoints make a very big difference as the plot thickens.

This book deals with some big issues. Lane’s has a decision to make about what needs to be kept a secret, and what needs to be told before a relationship between Lane and Charlie can happen. The outcome affects the whole town, and has a big impact, but not the one you might expect. Living Lies is a wonderful book from an exciting new author. Be sure to pick up a copy and enjoy this new author from the beginning!

Disclosure:  Thank you to Revell for providing me with a complimentary copy of this e-book for review purposes.  No other compensation was received, and all opinions are my own.


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