Plant-Powered Beauty, book review, plants, beauty, natural
Book Review

Plant-Powered Beauty: Book Review

Plant-Powered Beauty, book review, plants, beauty, natural
Plant-Powered Beauty

If you are looking to improve your beauty treatments, and want to know exactly what is going onto your skin and body, this is a great reference book to add to your library. Plant-Powered Beauty is written by Amy Galper and Christina Daigneault and this will be the type of resource that can help you grow into your love for working with natural ingredients. The photography included in this book is stunning, and it gets you so excited to use the natural options that they introduce to us.

Ingredient Charts

One of the most helpful things in this book are the Beauty Ingredient Charts which include information on things such as; carrier oils, herbal infusions, butters, clays, exfoliants, herbs and spices and more. Each chart contains full 2 page spreads and tells you all the important information that you need to know. I am still in the beginning levels of making natural products, and the way that the information is presented is easy to understand and arranged in alphabetical order so a particular item is very easy to find. What I am even more excited about is that there is a lot of room to grow with this book, and as I progress in skill level I will still be using this as a go-to guide!

Beauty Tips

Another great feature of this book are special pull outs for a Beauty Tip! arranged throughout the book. These include tips for how to use products, suggestions on selecting the right ingredients, the benefits of the ingredients, and even historical references. Look for these tips shown off by pretty purple corner graphics. I have already learned so much just by reading these quick tips.


Of course the highlight of the book is the section of recipes which include more that 50 plant-powered beauty options with easy to understand instructions. As I looked through the recipes I found a lot of variety in skill level and ingredients needed. So I looked for a good for recipe for me, which would use ingredients that I could easily get at my grocery store. I am already a huge fan of using essential oils, so when I found the recipe Fresh Anti-Inflammatory and Brightening Facial Mask and it needed just strawberries, honey and German chamomile essential oil I knew that I had found my first plant-powered beauty recipe to try. It took less that 5 minutes to make and it was so fun to put on. I am already getting started on the herbs I want to grow this summer, so I’ll be including lavender, chamomile and mint so I can try out the recipe Fresh Herb and Flower Facial Steam (I can’t wait!). There are recipes for so many beauty options; cleansers, masks, scrubs, moisturizers, lips balms, gels, even a makeup remover. I think I’ll have a lot of fun in the upcoming months trying out these recipes.

This book is a great resource for anyone who wants to improve their beauty routine and feel confident about what exactly is being used in each and every recipe. If you would like to purchase this book right away, this is a link to Amazon for both the paperback and kindle versions

I hope you enjoy this naturopathy resource for years to come.

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