Make Yourself a Self Care Kit
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Make Yourself a Self Care Kit

Today is the day to make yourself a Self Care Kit that will be your source of comfort far into the future. If you have used a Self Care Kit before, now is the time to restock it with new goodies and sources of inspiration. If you have never had the joy of creating a Self Care Kit, now the fun starts!

What is a Self Care Kit

Think of a Self Care Kit as a personalized box of things that will help you to relax and enjoy the moment. It’s a box of things that you love, and that you know help you to feel better. It can contain anything that helps you feel comforted when times get tough. Something to savor and enjoy. It’s something that is just for you, and contains things that you know will be there when you need them.

Make Yourself a Self Care Kit
Make Yourself a Self Care Kit

Where should my Self Care Kit be stored?

This is up to you, and your lifestyle. If you live alone, you can find a space that is big enough to gather your supplies, but in a space that is visible so you remember to utilize it when you need it. If you live with others, you may want to secure a spot that is private, and that others won’t tap into your supplies. (What a bummer it would be if you were looking forward to that dark chocolate bar, and you realized that your significant other ate it without telling you!) Your choice of space could be anything that works for you.

  • a drawer
  • a beautiful box
  • a cheerful bag
  • an unused suitcase
  • a shelf just for you
  • that vintage hat box that you love but never use
  • anything is game, your imagination will lead your way.

What goes into a Self Care Kit?

This is the fun stuff. ANYTHING you love, or would love to try. It could contain samples of things like bath supplies or makeup that you want to try but never get around to it. How about a candle that has a scent that carries you away to happy memories (my plumeria candle makes me think of Hawaii every time). Think about hobbies that you love, writing, coloring or painting. Foods that make you feel comforted. Here is a list to get you thinking, but please include anything that is special to you!

  • bubble bath
  • candles
  • soothing tea (and perhaps even include a special teapot and cup to make the experience completely special)
  • a weighted blanket (if taking a nap is what you need, nothing is better that cuddling under a weighted blanket)
  • a stuffed animal – ok, hear me out here. I was visiting someone going though cancer and they loved their stuffed monkey. You put the monkey in the microwave to warm it up, and when you hugged it the warmth went to work. You can check out the selection of Warm Pals here.
  • coloring Books and your favorite colored pencils
  • a blank journal and fancy pens for writing your heart out
  • hand lotions
  • chocolates or other favorite treats
  • a romance novel to transport you into a different world
  • a personal growth book – if learning something is more your style
  • photographs of people or pets that you love
  • nail polish to give yourself a special new look
  • a book of inspiring quotes
  • a list of favorite music stations or playlists
  • hot chocolate packets and a special mug
  • hand weights to give yourself a workout anywhere you are
  • special pjs, or a cozy sweater
  • a special pillow good for taking a nap or hugging out the stress

As you can see, there are lots and lots of things that you can include in your Self Care Kit. And I want to mention, that it is possible to make a kit without buying anything. You can use things that you find around your house and give them a use of honor. You can certainly also supplement your box with special purchases as your budget allows.

Today, make a start on your very own Self Care Kit and stock it with a few things so you can use it whenever your need. I’d love you hear what you have included in your kit in the comments below. Your ideas might help others in our community to personalize their perfect Self Care Kit. Have fun!

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