relaxing, lemon, sugar scrub, spring

Make Your Own Lemon Sugar Scrub

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relaxing, lemon, sugar scrub, spring
Lemon Sugar Scrub

It’s almost spring, and that means it’s time for some change and improvement. So today I’m going to invite you to relax and get your skin back into great shape using a homemade lemon sugar scrub. As you saw in the last post, I am on a lemon kick for a smell of spring. So today we will be making a lemon sugar scrub. I actually made it to include in a spa holiday gift basket in December (as well as a big batch for myself) and it went over well, so I hope that you will like this splurge as much as I do.

I originally found this recipe as a pin on Pinterest by I Heart Naptime from a guest blogger. Here is a link to the blog post or  you can find this on my board for Plenty of Relaxing .

The reason that I liked this recipe so much is that it takes only 3 ingredients; sugar, coconut oil and lemon essential oil. I have also made this same recipe with other essential oils but lemon remains my favorite so far. I softened the coconut oil just a little bit, instead of melting it into a complete liquid, and then I mixed it together with my hands into the sugar. Add in the essential oils and voila, take it into the bath or shower and soon your skin will be smooth and smelling fantastic.

I hope you enjoy this easy to make sugar scrub. Let us know what essential oil you like best to give others ideas of great options.


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  1. I bet this smells wonderful. Easy to make and use and would be so refreshing.

    1. drriehl says:

      It does! I’m going to try grapefruit one of these days too for a fun change.

  2. This sounds awesome, I love homemade scrubs!

    1. drriehl says:

      Me too!

  3. Perfect scrub for spring, and so easy!! I made lemon scrub for my daughter’s teachers before school let out last year, and they loved it!

    1. drriehl says:

      That is an awesome gift idea!

  4. I love DIY sugar scrubs and anything citrus! This is a must try!!

    1. drriehl says:

      I hope you enjoy the combo!

  5. I love lemon so much!!! My skin is in need of a good scrub! I will have to make it.

    1. drriehl says:

      You will feel like a new person 🙂

  6. Rebecca says:

    Oh my! This would be so fun to make and put in my older kids Easter Baskets! So easy and perfect! Love it!

    1. drriehl says:

      Oh that is a great idea for an Easter Basket!

  7. This is a great idea! I could make a bunch of these as gifts for people!

    1. drriehl says:

      Be sure to make some for yourself as well, you deserve it too! 🙂

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