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Make Summer Last: Keeping memories to enjoy

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summer, memories, keeping memories,
Make Summer Last

This summer is shaping up to be one of your best ever and you want to make summer last forever. Don’t you wish that you could bottle up the sensations, the smells, the joys that you have experienced so you can remember it for years to come? Start collecting items now so you can make some creative ways to make memories for the summer of 2018. This sky is the limit to come up with ways to relive great moments, pick a new idea or go with a method that you used to love doing in the past and haven’t tried for a while Have fun creating!


There are so many camera options now, and a lot of them allow you to take videos. From your smart phone to your digital camera or maybe you still have a vintage way to take movies. There is no better way to catch the action of life than by taking a video. Pack a camera for every day events, you never know when a great video is about to become a reality. Out fishing with Uncle Joe, catch that smile on his face as he hauls in a whopper of a fish (or the teeny tiny fish that become a tall tale!). Out picking strawberries for the first time as a family. Be sure to capture the first berry that goes into your daughter’s mouth instead of the bucket. You’ll see in the video just how sweet it tastes by her smile and eyes. Once you are done with the video, don’t let it be buried on the device and never see it again. Give it some labels so you can find it easy (e.g. summer 2018, uncle joe, fishing) and decide if you want to share it (think instagram or facebook) or if you want to put it on a hard drive so you can keep it in the family. Whatever way you choose, you’ll be able to enjoy it in the future and hopefully build on your collection as new events come up.


Now people are including so many things in their personalized scrapbooks. There are special papers, tabs, stickers, and jewels to spruce up your memories. Photos are just the start of what you can include. Press some summer flowers to include on your pages. Collect a tiny baggie of sand from your favorite beach to include among the photos. Draw or paint a picture that can be included. Your book doesn’t need to lie perfectly flat, so have fun with three-dimensional objects to help tell the story.

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If scrapbooks aren’t your thing, but you have a ton of pictures – think about making a photo book as a summer reminder. I have worked with shutterfly to make some photo books. You just upload your photos, find a book layout that you like and start designing your book by drag and drop into the layout. It’s supper simple and cost-effective. The best thing is that your created items stay in your account so if you want to order extra copies of the books in the future it is easy to do! These books make great gifts too (hint hint)

Special Mail

Sometimes a funny thing happens and you want to share a memory with someone else. I was walking through the woods and came across some incredible mushrooms growing. A few weeks before, a family member and I were having fun creating Fairy Gardens. I immediately thought about taking some photos and using them to write a letter and laugh about the fairy adventures that we had that day.  So I hiked back and got the 2 fairies I had and set up a quick photo shoot. Here is an example of the project.

Summer, Summer 2018, fairies, mushrooms, fun photo
Summer 2018 Fairies

I just wrote a letter on 8 1/2 X 11 paper and used this picture as cover to look like a card. It was a quick easy project and I printed 2 of them. One to mail and one to keep. A quick project but again something that can bring memories to others.

Cookbook Creations

If you spent hours cooking special treats and meals this summer, how about making a Summer of 2018 cookbook. This could be as simple as coping recipes and putting them in a binder, or you could design your own cookbook and have it printed out. I still collect recipes like my grandmothers did – write them on an index card and put them in a recipe box. Make sure to put notes about why you liked this recipe or maybe how you changed it to make it yours. It will make it more fun the next time you get out that recipe to try again. By the way, these cook books can include anything you bake, cook, grill, or make at the bar. There are no limits in today’s “cookbooks”.

No matter what you are doing this summer, take a moment to savor the time and decide if you want to create a memory. If you are willing to share a memory with us, please leave a comment below, we’d love to hear what exciting things you have been doing and how you are keeping it and going to make summer last.


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  1. We’re taking a great big road trip up the west coast at the end of August, right before we have to dig back into school. And I will definitely be documenting it with videos and a scrapbook!

    1. drriehl says:

      That sounds like so much fun. I hope you build lots of fun memories!

  2. These are great ideas. This is the part of summer where I want to make sure we get all of our memory making in because it really is just a month left of school. I like the idea of having a physical reminder of things we did.

    1. drriehl says:

      I agree, this time is going fast to take time to enjoy and keep. I hope you have a great rest of your summer!

  3. Jess Moore says:

    I love to make photo books of our memories and my daughter has a bulletin board where we print out photos and she sticks them on!!

    1. drriehl says:

      That is another great suggestion, making a bulletin board to enjoy. Thanks so much for sharing. I hope you guys have a great rest of your summer.

  4. Love all these ideas of keeping summer a little longer! I especially like the scrapbook idea. I have made a few in regards to my holidays but never thought to do one for summer! Thank you for the idea!

    D, xo || from

    1. drriehl says:

      I agree, I started with making holiday specific or gifts…but working on a season can be really fun!

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