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Lone Witness: a Bethany House book review

mystery, suspense, thriller, legal, Lone Witness, Rachel Dylan
Lone Witness Cover

Lone Witness by Rachel Dylan, is book 2 in the Atlanta Justice series from Bethany House. This legal thriller is full of multiple plot lines to keep the reader engaged and guessing about which danger is going to be faced next. Sophie Dawson has been promoted to a senior assistant district attorney in the White Collar Crimes Unit of Fulton County. She is busy working on her first case in her new division, a local bank employee is accused of cheating customers, and she is determined to get justice for those people who lost their savings. Working late, she decides that she has to stop to get some snacks for her drive home so she stops at a familiar convenience store. She is a witness to a double homicide and she is the only person that can make a positive ID on the person who committed the crime.

The crime was committed by the younger brother of a powerful gang leader, and Juan Wade is determined that his younger brother is not going to be prosecuted for this crime. Sophie is now in great danger because she is the lone witness that can identify Juan Wade’s brother. Sophie’s father is concerned about her safety and hires a bodyguard, Cooper Knight, a co-owner for a private security firm and someone who Sophie has met in the past. At first Cooper keeps a very low profile, but as the danger rises for Sophie, he must make his presence known and some hard decisions need to be made about how to handle her day-to-day activities and even where she is going to have to live for an extended period of time in order to stay safe and sound.

As new threats on Sophie’s life come to light, it is no longer clear whether Juan Wade is the only person involved and the security firm has to consider if her role as a witness, or her job as a senior assistant DA is the ultimate danger. The character development for the main characters, as well as the secondary characters is fascinating. The reader gets an in-depth view into the different roles in the legal world and what it takes to play the politics and the dangers of decisions on how a case is going to play out. Lone Witness is a legal thriller that will keep you reading, and constantly re-thinking who is behind the various plot lines and who can be trusted. A great read with characters that you come to really care about.

Disclosure:  Thank you to Bethany House for providing me with an advance complimentary copy of this e-book for review purposes.  No other compensation was received, and all opinions are my own.

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