I will be able to "auto-pay" someday
Good and Comfortable

I will be able to “auto-pay” someday

I have been asked, a number of times recently, what I mean by my tag line of “Creating a life that is good and comfortable”. They want to design for their plenty, but what does that really mean. I tried to answer the question by saying that the answer is different for everyone. It’s about deciding what is important to you, and designing your life to make that happen.

Well, I’m finding that this answer isn’t really helping some people. It seems too big, or it isn’t something they they can break down into actionable steps. So I am going to start a category of articles that are called “good and comfortable”. These are ideas to get you thinking about your own circumstances and how you can use examples like this to get at what will truly make you happy.


So today’s example is coming from a phone call that I sadly have to make too often. It’s the time of the month that I have to pay bills. Paycheck doesn’t exactly meet the needs of the current bills. So I have to start making priority decisions. I work out a plan, take a really deep breath, and call customer service to make a payment over the phone because it’s too close to the due date.

I explain the amount that I can pay, the logistics take place, and I am sensing the finish line and hope that I’m going to make it out of the call unscathed. Alas, I have one more question to answer and it is one that I dread. Essentially it’s time for the customer service person to point out my paying history and ever so sweetly tell me that if I would set up “auto-pay” with them, I wouldn’t have to “worry” about things anymore.

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Ah, yes. The wonderful idea of “auto-pay”. Sounds so sweet doesn’t it. You give them a form of payment, and they set up you up for your total amount due to come out just in time to meet your due date. Sound perfect, I want in! But…that would mean that you would need to have a form of payment that had plenty of money in it to cover that expense each and every month. Huh, that’s not really possible. So I have to thank them, and tell them I’d like to keep paying each month, and quickly say goodbye and hope I can make it to the next month.

That’s when it hit me. My idea of creating a life that is good and comfortable would include my goal of “I will be able to “auto-pay” someday”. I’m not looking to be rich. I actually want to live a quiet life; writing, doing photography, playing with my dog, baking, gardening, etc. I don’t have a certain dollar amount that I’m try to hit in a bank account. But what a relief it will be when I have enough money to tell a company that I want to “auto-pay” each month.

So I wrote “I will be able to “auto-pay” someday” down in my journal for designing my plenty. I may even print a copy of this article and include it in my journal so I can remember what this would mean to me.

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My example of “I will be able to “auto-pay” someday” may not fit your situation, but it’s exactly the kinds of thoughts, that will guide you towards designing your plenty. So if you have an experience this week that makes you think – I wish I could… or someday I’ll be able to… Jot that thought down right away. It’s important because it’s showing you where you want to go and what’s really important to you.

I’d love to hear if you have an example of something that happens in everyday life that is pointing you towards a change to make your life good and comfortable. Please let us know in the comments below. The more we share examples as a community, the more we will start our own minds thinking about what is important to each of us.

Thanks for stopping in, and if you think this article will help a friend or family member, please pass it on.

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  1. Auto-pay…a worthy goal to have! I have my own financial goals that I’m focused on for the year. Always room for improvement!

    1. Great to hear! You are so right, there is always room for improvement!

  2. Financial goals help us stay focused on the goal of getting there. Good luck on your journey!

    1. Thank you so much! And equal wishes back to you for reaching your goals!

  3. Yes, definitely. Having a husband in medical school – while also being in school myself – means that we have got to manage our money well. This is a goal of mine as well!

    1. We will help each other to make this a reality!

  4. That’s a great goal! It took me a long time to get to the place where I felt comfortable using auto pay and knowing that I’d have the money in my account on the due date!

    1. Thanks for being an inspiration, knowing that it is possible for all of us!

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