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How to Keep Moving Forward

We’ve gotten used to a world that can produce instant results. Don’t know an answer, do a google search for an immediate response, want to watch a movie you can live-stream it to your phone to keep from getting bored. But not all things are, or should, have these kinds of fast turn-around times if we want long-lasting effects. As we are working towards making our lives full of plenty, it’s going to take time to make changes to our mindset and our circumstances to reach a place that is comfortable for us, and that is okay!

Going Slowly

What we want to avoid is giving up because we don’t see the kind of progress that we expect and going back into a state of standing still.  Taking this kind of journey can be similar to recovering from an injury and doing physical therapy. Let’s use the example of having a knee replacement. You have been living with pain for such a long time, and you finally made the choice to go to the doctor and the recommendation was to get a knee replacement. You did lots of research and you have found testimonials about how people’s life really improved after this surgery. You decide to schedule the surgery and make the positive change in your life. The surgery was a huge success and you are on your way home and looking forward to less or no pain, and greater mobility. You know that there is going to be a healing period and you have prepared yourself for that. Or so you thought. Now it’s a couple of weeks later and you are doing physical therapy and things are just not improving as fast as you were hoping. Perhaps there are even new pains that you didn’t sign up for. It’s getting discouraging and you are wondering if you made the right choice. Your doctor and therapist tell you how much you are improving but you think to yourself, I just don’t see it.

The thing to consider is are you giving yourself enough time to take things slowly and give yourself time to heal for permanent results. Try giving yourself different milestones so you can celebrate your success along the way to your goal of feeling good. If you are looking for instant results, such as no pain when going for a walk or climbing up stairs, you are going to be disappointed because things are moving to slowly. If you make your first milestone as an improvement of X percentage points of range of motion, you will accomplish that much sooner and be able to go onto your next milestone. This successive line of completed improvements will keep you moving forward and sticking to your goals.

How to Keep Moving Forward

The journey of improving your life from current circumstances, to a life that is plentiful is even harder to quantify and reassure ourselves that we are making forward progress. So again, making a series of milestones that we can see, and measure and celebrate is going to be really important to avoid standing still. What are you going to make your first milestone goal to reach for? What kind of reward can you set up for yourself upon reaching this goal? Think about how often you personally need to have a check in for yourself to feel good about moving forward. Then keep building out milestones to meet that timing that feels right to you!

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  1. I love this post! I’m working on getting healthier, a half hour a day at a time. Results are definitely not instant, so your advice is perfectly timed!

    1. drriehl says:

      Best of luck with your health goals. You can do it!

  2. Such an inspirational post! And something I definitely need to remember as i’m trying to lose weight. It’s so easy to just get Instantly upset when you work out 3 days in a row and see no changes when it reality it just takes time.

    1. drriehl says:

      Good luck on your goal of weight loss, that is one that we all want to see and feel results fast. So good for you on taking your time and knowing the results will come. Best wishes!

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