Giving a fresh start

Giving A Fresh Start: What In Your Life Needs To Be Revived

Giving a fresh start
Giving a fresh start

Think back to when you were younger. What kind of activities did you love to do? Are those activities still part of your life…or has it been YEARS since you’ve done them?

As the year 2017 is approaching its last month of the year and we will soon be looking for New Years resolutions…thinking about something that used to give you pleasure may very easily become one of the goals that you can start to work on. How far back do you need to go to find something that strikes a chord? It really depends on what you’d like to try to renew. For example, I really liked baton twirling when I was about…oh maybe 6 or 7.  Although I LOVED the personal space that twirling that baton naturally gave you (nobody gets close for fear of getting whooped with that fast-moving metal rod) it might not be really helpful in my current adult life.

Fast forward into college life, and I remember taking a pencil drawing class that was really exciting. One of the last drawings I did, that I was proud enough to frame, was a likeness from the movie Titanic of Rose in her striped dress while she was boarding the ship.  Since this was done in 1999 (I feel old) it falls nicely into the category of something that I haven’t done for years and would really like to get back to doing.

Pencil Drawing

So it’s time for me to get out my old art kit…revel in the pencils that I used to sharpen with an Xacto knife so I could get a long enough piece of lead that I could do nice shading in one sweep, or the charcoal sticks that were oh so messy but so fun to get the deep shades of black to grey, and let’s not forget my Higgins Black Magic Drawing Ink with an actual calligraphy style pen. Okay I’m getting jazzed enough that I may have to treat myself to an early gift before New Years.

Now, what is YOUR spark of inspiration to give you a fresh start? What is the thing that you used to love to do…and then you grew up and put that passion away for far too long.  Please share your thoughts below in the comments and we can encourage each other to keep up our renewed passion.


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