Gift Baskets are the Answer
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Gift Baskets are the Answer!

Gift baskets are the answer for you if you are concerned about your holiday budget. Let’s take a look at the options that making holiday gift baskets can give you.

The themes are endless

No matter what person you are trying to find a gift for, I bet that you can come up with an incredible gift basket option. Think of their favorite hobbies, things they never treat themselves with, or even help with a new goal they are working on.

Let’s say that you have one friend that loves fishing and another one that has a passion for baking. You have a $20 budget for the fishing friend and a $30 budget for your baking cousin. This is where creativity can get really fun and allow you to make a visually impressive gift without breaking the bank.

Don’t take the basket part literally

Part of the fun of making these gifts is selecting the container that these gifts will come in. For you baking cousin, a metal mixing bowl might be just the right thing. You can choose as big or as little of a bowl that works for your budget and the container becomes part of the gift instead of just another basket that they may or may not need.

For the fishing friend, you can find a little tackle box, and you will put small little lures, sinkers and bobbers in the various sections. What a fun gift to open as they delve into the different treasures you have included.

Filling out the container

Part of the beauty of using gift baskets is that you can buy a bigger package of items and open it up and place the items in a way that will make them fun AND if you can use the same items in multiple gifts, you can save even more money that way.

Say for example I’m making a gift basket for my best friend Ripley.

At least she is excited every time it snows!
At least she is excited every time it snows!

I suddenly realize that her friends would be excited by the same gifts – so now I’m going to make 3 dog gift baskets. My look out list includes;

  • Food (or water) bowl for the container.
  • Tennis Balls
  • Treats
  • Food (maybe I could find samples of different brands at the pet store!)
  • and the easy and cheap thing that they will all love, empty plastic water bottles so they can crunch them and make a great symphony together.
  • Maybe a could bake a batch of 3 ingredient dog treats or those baked sweet potato chews I wanted to try.

Baking 1 batch of dog treats can be impressive spread over 3 gifts, and I found a package of 6 tennis balls and would be great for all of them. You see where I am going with this…if you plan out your lists ahead of time, you might find that certain gifts can share items and save you money.

Gift baskets are the answer for including handmade touches that melt their hearts

We all want our gift to be visually impressive. However, sometimes adding in something that isn’t flashy can be the best part of the gift. Let’s go back to the cousin that loves to bake. Your gift basket might include a metal mixing bowl, a tea towel, a set of measuring spoons, a hot pad, but then the best part of your gift…a modest set of 3 by 5 index cards where you have written out some of your favorite baking recipes.

Maybe they include Aunt Sue’s legendary bread pudding, the banana cream pie that grandma baked every year for all the grand kids birthdays, and the chocolate cake that won your mom a blue ribbon at the county fair. I’ll bet you when she gets to that part of the gift, there will be tears in her eyes, and every time she bakes those recipes she will be thinking about your thoughtful gift.

Add in as many personal touches as you can in your gift basket. They usually cost very little, but they will mean the world to the person who receives the gift.

Gift Baskets are the answer for making a holiday budget that you can control. Have fun making your gifts this year, and share your ideas and successes below so we can inspire more people in this community. Thanks!

Special Bonus

Want some more ideas to get you on the right track for making your own gift baskets. Here is a PDF for you of ideas to get you planning.

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  1. I love making gift baskets! It’s so much fun to make them each individualized for the recipients.

    1. I agree! I find the individualization the most fun part of these gifts.

  2. I love gift baskets! They are good for, like, everything!

    1. Perfect word, yes they are good for everything and everyone!

  3. I love making gift baskets! It’s a great way to personalize a gift and they’re perfect for any occasion

    1. Great point. I think of gift baskets for Christmas, but I’m going to expand my thinking to other occasions as well. Thanks for that call out!

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