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Enjoy Life! Look Around You and Enjoy the Details.

We’ve all heard the phrase “Stop and Smell the Roses”. But when was the last time you really took advantage of that advice to Enjoy Life? Today Ripley (my dog) and I went outside very early to enjoy a morning coffee and listen to the birds sing. Image my surprise when I stepped out on the porch and saw my climbing rose bush flooded with delicate pink roses.

early morning roses

Here are some simple steps to make sure that you actively do activities to Enjoy Life each day.

  • Notice the Details – Instead of just passing by something really wonderful, take a moment to enjoy the details. Look at the rose bush from far away and notice how many roses are starting to bloom. Next, walk up to the plant and notice the details. Are the colors of the flower just one shade, or are there many variations that meld together? What color is the center? How many petals can you see?
  • Take in the Sensations – Step in and smell the rose. Does it remind you of anything? Touch a petal and see how it feels. How does the velvet petal compare with the shiny green leaves? Can you hear a bumble bee buzzing near by as it enjoys the newly opened roses as well?
  • Gratitude – Now that you’ve taken time to enjoy the roses, write down in your gratitude journal how this quick admiration of the simple things made you feel.
Rose surrounded by buds

Altogether this exercise probably took about 5 – 10 minutes max. It doesn’t take much to actively enjoy life, but sometimes we need to remind ourselves to stop and take in the details that make our lives better. Today, make a point to find something that you can enjoy and celebrate the moment.

Please share in the comments below what experience you chose today. Nothing is too big or too small. Enjoy your life and add time each day to seek out the details that life has to offer.

multiple roses

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