Dimitris Opinion of Food, Canidae, grain free pure ancestral formula, cat food, #PetsOfCanidae, @canidaepetfood, plentyofdimitri

Dimitri’s Opinion on food

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Dimitris Opinion of Food, Canidae, grain free pure ancestral formula, cat food, #PetsOfCanidae, @canidaepetfood, plentyofdimitri
Dimitris Opinion of Food

It’s about time that I give some of the spotlight to my cat, Dimitri. She is usually content to lead a quiet happy life, mellow in the background. She loves snuggling up with me, but she knows that her sister, Ripley, really likes to be the center of attention. So she’s usually happy just hanging out without a lot of drama.

However, today she had the chance to try out a new cat food from Canidae, and she was really excited about it, so I promised that I would write up a blog post for her.

Dimitri’s Opinion on Food

Dimitri loves to eat, and I know that she likes the food she is eating when she no longer cares if I am in the room with her. When she is eating, she stands eagerly by the bowl as I am putting food in, and then she quickly starts eating with gusto. Then, she will pause and come over to me looking for a head rub. I think that is her way of saying thank you for the food, and showing that we’re friends. (That’s what I’m going with anyway – ha ha ha). Then she goes back to eat, and we alternate between the petting and eating until she is done.

Testing a new food from Canidae

Today I told her that she was trying out a new food. She gives me this dubious look, like I’m trying to pull a fast one on her. She’s been eating Canidae for a long time and apparently the bag look and the sound that it made, were familiar enough that she must have thought that I was lying to her. She waits for me to pour the food into her bowl, and I guess the smell of the kibble must have made her stop and rethink. Her eyes started to change, and suddenly there was nothing but the food that she wanted to focus on.

Dimitri Eating 1
Dimitri Eating 1

Once she started eating, there were no stops for socializing, no stops for petting, no stops for anything but eating this wonderful new food. She usually gets cranky when I start taking too many photos, but today, she didn’t even care. I kept the camera going (she was moving her head so much, sadly most of the photos are slightly blurry of her) and I eventually asked her if she liked the food. I was ignored, so I said, Dimitri, can you tell me if you like this Canidae food? Here is the look that I got when she had to lift her head and acknowledge me.

Dimitri pausing
Dimitri pausing

She didn’t appreciate my bursting into laughter at “that look” and quickly went back to eating. I turned off my camera and left her to eat in peace.

Grain Free PURE Ancestral formulas

As the mom, here is what I liked about this food when I read through the information. First of all Canidae makes their formulas without grains, corn, wheat or soy. For this Grain Free PURE Ancestral Indoor Health Formula they make it with real meats and fish. The kibble is freeze-dried raw coated for the taste that cats love (yes, I can agree with that!) and it has the high amount of protein that cats need. If you would like to learn more about this food from Canidae, please visit this link.


I am so happy that Dimitri is a big fan of this food. I’m happy to bring you this article about Dimitri’s opinion on food. I can say that I feel good about feeding her a quality food that is good for her and makes her a very, very happy cat.

Disclosure:  Thank you to Canidae for providing me with a complimentary sample of Canidae Grain Free PURE Ancestral Indoor Health Formula.  No other compensation was received, and all opinions are my own.

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