santa, goals, discover what you want, letter to santa, want, what you want, did you get everything that you wanted
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Did you Get Everything that You Wanted from Santa this Year?

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santa, goals, discover what you want, letter to santa, want, what you want, did you get everything that you wanted
Did you get everything that you wanted from santa this year_

Did you write a letter to Santa this year? On December 12th I invited you to write your very own letter to Santa and then I asked you to put the letter in a safe place so we could take a look at it again after Christmas and put it to good use. So, if you already wrote the letter, please take it out and we will take the next step. If you didn’t get to do that step yet, I invite you to click the link above and take a few minutes to write your own letter, and then join us for the next step.

I went a little wild with my letter, but I was trying to really open up and ask for things that I don’t normally ask for any help on. Oh yes, I asked for a couple of physical things, but what I really wanted where some things that could make life easier.

Sadly, I didn’t find a cleaning service coupon under my tree from Santa, nor did I find a magic wand to swish away some of my other ugly life spots, so now it’s time to take matters into my own hands and find creative ways to problem solve.

When making a letter out to Santa our minds resort back to childhood when everything is possible, No doesn’t even become a consideration, and as the giggles come from writing a letter like this, our brainstorming juices really start flowing. We get one idea, I’d love to have somebody clean my house for me, and suddenly the dams open up and we start dreaming bigger!

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I don’t know about you, but fundamentally I know that I really COULD hire someone to clean my house. But in my brain it’s really not that easy. First I’d have to find the money to budget for it. Then (let’s be honest) I’d have to clean my house from top to bottom so the cleaning people coming in wouldn’t run screaming before they even started the job. Then I’d need to figure out what to do with pets, etc. All these mental road blocks start popping up, and the idea gets dumped before I could even move ahead with it. Santa knows how I live, and that’s why it was safe to dream for that letter writing exercise.

So how can we put some of the items in our Santa letter’s into real action in 2019, and then we can finally shout YES! to the question of did you get everything that you wanted.

How to get what you wanted

Trade something you like to do – Everyone has different strengths, so see if you can find a friend that you can trade jobs with so it becomes a win/win for both of you. Say I have a friend that LOVES to organize closets (a task I hate to do), and I love to make a month worth of freezer meals at a time (she hates to cook but kicks herself every time she settles for fast food). What if once a month you get together and trade your strengths to make both of your lives better!

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Reward yourself – You have something on your list that YOU have to do, but you just can’t get yourself motivated to do it. Bring on the reward system! Figure out what would make it worth it for you do to the task, and commit to giving yourself the reward when finished (maybe one of those physical items that you asked Santa for). For this to work, you need to commit to the reward (have it ready ahead of time) and truly give it to yourself when your goal is reached. Let’s say that goal is to file all your papers so come January 31st you are ready to start your taxes. Set a deadline for you to complete your task and WHEN you do that successfully, the reward is yours.

Plan a day to get the hard tasks done – One of my favorite self-improvement authors, Brook Noel had an idea that I implement on a regular basis. Her idea is if you have a backlog of undesirable tasks that you need to do, have an “Ugly Day” and get them all done. Putting off a job might sound like the thing to do, but it still saps energy as you keep thinking about it, feeling bad that you aren’t doing it, etc. Instead, schedule one particular day that you are going to get it done and over with. Wake up in the morning, and start systematically going down the tasks that need to get done. Don’t open up emails, or mail, don’t listen and return the calls you get, this is your ugly day after all. At the end of the day, when you have all your tasks done that you’ve been putting off, you will have an incredible weight off your shoulders. Celebrate your ugly day and discover that power that it has to get the hard things done!

So, Santa may not have delivered all your Christmas wishes, but now you have a chance to take matters into your own hands and move into 2019 with power and a plan. Please share your plans to implement your wishes in the comments below.

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  1. I love this idea, and I actually did get what I wanted – my family all together

    1. drriehl says:

      That is awesome!

  2. I like the idea of trading tasks with a friend or family member – you’re appealing to your strengths, and perhaps interests, but getting things finished too.


    1. drriehl says:

      And the accountability is great too, both of you get the things you need to do done 🙂

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