Create Your Dream Bath

Create Your Dream Bath

Want to unwind, after a hard day? Today we are going to show you how to create your dream bath and take time to relax and renew.

Taking a bath isn’t just sitting in warm water. I have heard people say that they hate baths, because you are sitting in water to get clean. Hmmmm – I think a critical point of a dream bath is being missed here. I admit, I love a good shower to get every part clean and refreshed. But a bath, is oh so much more. It’s relaxation, it’s warming, having the silky feel of scented water flowing around your body, enjoying an environment of soft light and perhaps candles. It is something that should be savored. It should be planned and something that you look forward to. So how do we go about creating our dream bath.

Starting the day with a bath

Shop or Make your Bath Accessories

Does a bubble bath sound delightful to you? Are sweet smelling bath salts more to your liking? How about a sugar scrub that will make your skin feel smooth and healthy Candles in your favorite scent can make a big impact too. Whatever items you want to accessorize your dream bath, have them ready for your next bath event.

If you want ideas on some relaxing things that you can make on your own, check out the plenty of relaxing board on Pinterest. You will find recipes for Orange Creamsicle Bubble Bath, Coconut Lime Salt Scrub, Homemade Oatmeal Bath Tea Bags, Back Pain Bath Salts and so much more.

Have Everything Gathered to Create Your Dream Bath

Before you start to run the water, have everything ready. Think of towels, facial cleanser, bath salts, a cup of tea, a good book, anything that will make YOUR bath experience exactly how you like it. Having everything nearby will make it easy to enjoy yourself.

Dream Bath Quote 2

Get Your Water to the Right Temperature

I thought this sound backwards at first, but it really works. Start off by running the bath water really hot. Then slowly add cold water until you reach your perfect temperature. The added bonus of starting hot and adding cold water later is that your salts, essential oils and other add ins will dissolve into the hot water easier and get you the best experience possible.

Speaking of bath salts, if you want to ensure that you don’t have any crystals left whole that you have you clean up after your bath, put your salts in a fine mesh bag so the water can move in and dissolve the majority but the rest will be easy clean up then.

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Be Honest About What is Relaxing to You

Some people love to sit in very dim light and have a soothing eye mask while they sit and relax? I love the time to read a really good book away from distractions. Having your favorite music surround you might be your idea of a dream bath. There are no right or wrong ways to go about this. So if you are new to taking baths for relaxation, try out a couple of options and see which one speaks to you. If you are a bath expert but how gotten bored, maybe it’s time to mix things up a bit.

If you have a favorite way to create your dream bath, please share in the comments below.

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  1. Never thought of using a mesh bag for the bath salts! What a great idea!

  2. I love to have a read as well! Baths are honestly so relaxing!

  3. Now you’re talking my language! Bathtime is my favorite form of self-care. Perhaps I’ll add a candle next time…

  4. My daughters really love taking baths and do so much of what you suggest. Great reminders as this type of break is so needed.

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