Pollinator Week
National Day Celebrations

Celebrate National Pollinator Week June 17 – 23, 2019

National Pollinator Week is a time for all of us to learn about the pollinators in our world (bees, butterflies, beetle, flies, even some birds and bats), what they do for us, and what we can do to protect them.

Pollinator Week
Pollinator Week

We have reached a urgent point of declining pollinator populations. So 12 years ago there was a unanimous approval through the U.S. Senate to designate a week in June to be National Pollinator Week. This was a huge step to get the word out on the importance of pollinators in our ecosystems. Please check out the Pollinator Week website to learn more about National Pollinator Week and what is being done around the world to make a positive impact on nature. You can reach the website here: https://www.pollinator.org/pollinator-week

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Why are pollinators important

Did you know that an estimate 1/3 of all of our food and beverages is possible because of pollinators? In the U.S. alone, pollination produces nearly $20 billion in products annually.

About 75% of all flowering plant species need animals and insects to move their heavy pollen grains from one plant to the next to assist in fertilization. Here is a small example of foods that need pollinators; coffee, vanilla, chocolate, almonds, blueberries, melons, pumpkins, and a favorite of mine, peaches. If we loose one part of the equation (a pollinator) those foods will not be able to develop and we will loose them.

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What can I do in National Pollinator Week and beyond ?

  • Connect with nature, take a walk and watch how pollinators interact with plants
  • Reduce or eliminate your pesticide use
  • Increase green spaces
  • Plant native plants for your region that provide nectar for adults plus food for insect larvae (e.g. growing milkweed for monarchs)
  • Install houses for bats and native bees
  • Supply water for all wildlife. Make sure the water stays clean so it doesn’t become a mosquito breeding area.
  • Design a garden so there is a continuous change in the flowering plants from spring through fall.
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This week, choose a small way that you can help out our pollinators. Talk to a friend or family member about National Pollinator Week, create a feeding station for butterflies, make a water source for insects. Please let us know in the comments below how you are celebrating this week.

I have created a Pinterest Board for helping our pollinators if you are looking for an idea that inspires you. You can find that board by clicking this link; https://www.pinterest.com/designingforplenty/plenty-of-ideas-to-help-pollinators/ Thanks for joining me in keeping natural resources growing strong.

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  1. I Had no idea about National Pollinator Week before reading this post, so thank you for opening my eyes to it! I’m off to find a butterfly feeding station!

  2. I had no idea about this week. I love pollinators! And, we NEED them!

  3. Great article!!! We are working on creating a pollinator garden in our yard over the next year. It is such a great idea, and an important cause.

  4. This post is so informative! And the best part about helping improve the pollinator population is that you get to have beautiful flowers growing in your yard to enjoy all season long!

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