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Build Your Inner Strength to Reach Your Dreams

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inner strength, inner, strength, confidence, build,
Build Your Inner Strength

Here at Designing for Plenty we are all about making a life that is good and comfortable. In order to do that we are going to have to build your inner strength to grow what we already have, and keep building toward our goals and dreams. Now here is a big secret I want to share with you, to get this life of plenty you have to believe that you deserve it! Are you feeling a little bit scared right now? I am. I started this blog to kick-start some change after a period of time that seemed to stagnate and create a cycle of not moving forward. Some days are easy to believe that change is possible and go at my goals with energy. Other days it’s tough not to slip into a cycle of accepting that this is good enough.

So today’s article is devoted to ways on building up all of our potential for inner strength. How to do it and know deep down that you deserve all the good things that are coming your way.

Build Your Inner Strength Bravery

Imitate someone you admire 

Think about someone who has a confidence that you really admire. When you think about them, you think about how courageous they are, and how that leads them to the success they have seen in life.  This person can be someone you know personally, or someone who is a public figure. Now pick out one aspect about that person that you can practice throughout the day. Show the world how that trait that you admire, can give you the confidence to face the day and make your brain believe that you do deserve the credit for great job you are doing today.

Celebrate success

It’s time to give yourself some credit and really celebrate a recent success. When we take the time to recognize something that we have done that ended in good results, we will be training our brain to give credit where credit is due. To often we move on after we accomplish something, chalking it up to something that we just had to get done. You can build your inner strength by taking the time to celebrate.


Stay motivated

Read a motivational book, or watch a good TED talk to build your inner strength today. Being a lifelong learner will help to build  your confidence and keep you busy making new connections to the world around you.

Relax and Recharge

You need energy to build your inner strength. It’s important to work hard on your goals, but also to give the right amount of time to slow down and recharge our batteries.  Think about what allows you to relax and give yourself a break. Maybe going for a run is the release you need, or cooking a favorite meal. Taking a long bubble bath is also an option if that give you the lift you need.


Take responsibility

Working to build your inner strength also means being honest with yourself. Don’t make excuses for something that doesn’t go the way we plan. Use the skill of lifelong learning and think about what didn’t go according to plan, put it in the past and make a change to move on towards your goals.

Now is the time to start working on our inner strength. You have to take some risks to get moving toward your self-improvement. There isn’t going to be “good” time to get started on this journey, so let’s all take a plunge together and start believing in ourselves today. Please leave a note in the comments sections below to tell us what you are going to be working on today. We work hard, and we deserve the good things that life has to offer us!

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  1. Great tips here!

  2. Excellent article! I sincerely appreciate the reminder of this common sense we need to remember on a regular basis. I especially like the “Imitate someone you admire .” Such good advice for people to find a blueprint to achieve their goals. Well done!

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