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Blind Betrayal: a Bethany House book review

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Blind Betrayal

Nancy Mehl has come out with book 3 of the Defenders of Justice series, and Blind Betrayal is definitely worth the wait. I will admit, that this book review is a bit hard for me to write because I liked it so much and I want to give you all the reasons that this suspense book is a must read, but I am a firm believer in not giving away any spoilers. Therefore I’m going to give you some hints at the action in the Blind Betrayal book review, but you’ll need to get the book and enjoy it for yourself you get the full complexity of this novel.

Casey Sloan and Doug Howard are U.S. Marshals working out of the St. Louis Office.  They have been tasked to escort a reporter to Washington D.C. to testify in front of a grand jury. The reporter’s name is Valerie Bennett and she was working on a story with environmentalist Martin Avery. When Martin disappears, Valerie’s testimony is even more critical and that puts her trip to Washington under a spotlight. The story begins with a major attack on the St. Louis Marshals Office just moments before Casey, Doug, and Valerie are supposed to meet with their boss to finalize plans. Not knowing the cause of the attack, they need to start their trip without backup and without a consistent communication with their home team.

E.J. Queen, working out of the D.C. Marshals office, joins Casey and Doug to help transport Valerie safely for her hearing. The addition of E.J. to the team is not comfortable news for Casey. Two years ago, she and E.J. had been partners in D.C. and she had to leave abruptly for personal reasons. However, Casey is always a professional and she won’t let her past history interfere with her commitment to protect their witness at all costs.

His Italian mother used to tell him that God put warning bells in our heads to tells us when we’re in danger. “You listen to God’s bells, Tony,” she’d say. “When they go off, you stop what you’re doing until you know everything’s okay.”

Meanwhile, the story is also getting complex back in St. Louis as Richard Batterson and Tony DeLuca, Doug and Casey’s superiors, are trying to track the movements of their agents and stay safely in contact with them. But they are going to be fighting for their lives as well as the story unfolds.

If you like a good mystery, and suspense keeps you from putting down a good book until LONG after you told yourself that you HAD to get to sleep, this is the book for you. Even the Epilogue contains a plot twist that keeps you guessing until the very end. I hope you enjoy Blind Betrayal as much as I did. 

Disclosure:  Thank you to Bethany House for providing me with an advance complimentary copy of this e-book for review purposes.  No other compensation was received, and all opinions are my own.

You can order your publication through Amazon, available April 17, 2018, as a hardcover, paperback, kindle or audio CD at this link

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  1. Candy says:

    Always on the look out for a new book to read. Sounds like a good one

    1. drriehl says:

      I hope you enjoy it!

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