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Book Review

An Anonymous Girl: a St. Martin’s Press book review

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An Anonymous Girl by Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen is a thriller that will keep you reading, and reading and reading in such a wonderful way. These authors also wrote the bestselling book, The Wife Between Us.  This book also deals with psychological suspense and obsession in an amazingly presented fashion. I have to admit, I would lose track of time when reading this book, and then promise myself that I would have to get back to work at a particular end of chapter. When that end of chapter came with yet another cliff hanger, I had to keep going. So find some time to sit down and enjoy this roller coaster ride of a mystery.

If you like books that you try to figure out the resolution as you read along, prepare yourself for a lot of redirection. I haven’t read a book with this good of a mystery plot in a very long time. Every time I thought I knew who the villain was (for lack of a better word) the next chapter would have me second guessing my beliefs.

Could you tell a lie without feeling guilt?

An Anonymous Girl is told in 3 parts and told in various chapters by 2 main characters; Dr Lydia Shields a strikingly beautiful psychiatrist and Jessica Farris who works her way into a morality and ethics research study, being run by Dr. Shields, to earn some extra money.

The study is strange from the start. She sits in a room with a computer to answer questions such as “Could you tell a lie without feeling guilt”. As she tries to figure our her answers, and the questions become more directive she is starting to have second thoughts about participating in the study. So she tries to find out more about Dr. Shields, and starts to think that her concerns are perhaps unfounded. Soon she is invited to take a more active role working with Dr. Shields and is promised increased compensation. Having money problems and needing to help her family with financial burdens she accepts the offer. However, soon Jess finds herself in a situation that she may not be able to escape from.

As we learn more about the various characters in the story we don’t know who to believe. Who is telling the truth? How does the past work into this experiment and where does the experiment end and real life collide.
An Anonymous Girl is a must-read book to add to your 2019 reading list. Enjoy the journey of discovery and different characters point of view about morality and what the consequences could and should be.

Disclosure:  Thank you to St. Martin’s Press for providing me with a complimentary copy of this e-book for review purposes.  No other compensation was received, and all opinions are my own.

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