15 Ways to Grow Yourself
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15 Ways to Grow Yourself

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15 Way to Grow Yourself

It’s time for you to put some time towards yourself because life gets better when you do. I’m not talking about doing a mini makeover that will last a day. I’m talking about making some positive changes in your daily life so you can grow and improve as a person. Some of these things you might want to grow into a habit and try to work them in everyday. Others will be something that you want to schedule some follow up in the future, but each of these are something that you can use to build your path to plenty.

15 Ways to Grow Yourself

  1. Prioritize yourself – It’s time to stop putting your needs behind all others. You need to make yourself a priority. If you take care of yourself and your happiness you will be better equipped to help others. Today, do something for yourself and see how it makes you feel.
  2. Just say NO – Now that you have prioritized yourself, it’s time to intentionally help when you can. If someone asks you to do something that doesn’t fit into your schedule, priorities, or even your beliefs, you should say NO. You control your path, make sure you are moving in a direction that you want to go.
  3. Take on a new challenge – Have you had a dream of doing something, that never really solidified. Now is the time to think about something new that you would like to try and give it an honest chance. It doesn’t have to be big, costly or life changing. Look for something that will give you something new to try and stretch yourself to grow.
  4. Gratitude – There are so many things in our daily lives that we should be thankful for but we rarely take the time to really think about them. Each night think about 3 things that have happened during the day that you are grateful for. If you enjoy this exercise and want to see changes over time, try starting a Gratitude Journal where you list 3 things each day.
  5. Invest in Learning – Growing is all about learning new things. You can invest in learning in so many ways; take a free webinar, sign up for a class, check out a book at the library about something you always wanted to try, or even just play with a child and learn a new game. Learning builds confidence in us, and keeps us growing to greater levels.
  6. Read a book – Reading does great things for your mind. It doesn’t matter if you read a physical book or something on and eReader. It doesn’t matter if you read fiction, biographies, how-to books, professional development, graphic novels or joke books. Reading makes you think, and imagine.
  7. Pay it forward – Doing something kind for another person without being prompted is a special gift. When that person receives the special gesture they will often turn around and do something nice for the next person. Start looking for opportunities to make someone else’s day a little more happy. It could be as simple as smiling at a stranger (smile are contagious you know!), holding a door open for someone that has their arms full, or paying for a cup of coffee for the person in the line behind you.
  8. Take a break – How often do you burn both ends of the candle and run, run, run all day. Then at the end of the day you feel like you have gotten nothing accomplished. Give yourself 15 minutes to sit down an enjoy a break. Make yourself a cup of coffee or tea and sit in a comfy chair to give your body a break. If you can venture outdoors for this break, all the better to enjoy some time in nature to readjust your mind.
  9. Laugh – Some studies say that children laugh more than 300 times and day, and adults laugh less that 20 times a day. Wow, that’s a sad thought. So find some time to laugh. It will do your body good, and you will be amazed at how your body relaxes after a good laugh. If you need a place to get started, just look to YouTube to give you tons of funny kid and animal videos. Here’s a funny animal collection to get you started. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pc8-8KfIW5c
  10. Get moving – Exercise is another way to grow yourself in positive directions. Take a walk, enjoy a swim, practice some Yoga or Tai Chi, or join some friends in a team sports.
  11. Plan your day – If you want to truly get things done each day, plan your days and set aside 3 priorities to reach each day. Often times we try to do too many thing in a day and then we feel failure when we can’t get our long to-do lists done. Setting out to do 3 things will be manageable and give you a boost of self confidence when you accomplish this each day.
  12. Surround yourself with positive people – Be sure to have some close friends that are positive people and really inspire you to grow into what you both know that you can be. Keep in contact with these people and in turn be a positive influence for them as well.
  13. Get a mentor – In addition to having friends that can inspire you, think about getting a mentor that can help you to grow. Maybe you are looking to find someone to help you learn to sew. Perhaps your career needs a boost and you could benefit from a professional mentor.
  14. Set up a challenge – Competition is a great way to grow. Create a challenge with a few close friends to reach some new goals. Perhaps it would be an exercise challenge, or a weight loss challenge. How about a reading challenge to inspire you to read and complete that book.
  15. Set up a wake up and night time routine – Developing a routine for the start and end of the day will help you to get the important things done, each and every day. Set a consistent schedule to keep you on track. Perhaps you can build some of the items from this list into your routines to make them a priority each day.

Let’s us know in the comments below, what you do to grow yourself.

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  1. I need to remind myself to say no.. This is something that I MUST CHANGE.

  2. Sometimes we need to be reminded of the things we should be doing for ourselves.
    We can get too caught up in checking every box on our to-do list and forget all about the one who is supposed to do all that.

  3. Those are all great suggestions for doing something for yourself. If you don’t take care of yourself, you aren’t going to be able to be the best you! I have already done a couple of the things you suggested like makings sure to read everyday, setting day and night routines, and taking on a new challenge and I’ve already noticed a difference in the way I feel about myself:)

  4. I love these. If I could add a #16, it would be Positive Affirmations. “Our thoughts become our reality.” These are all great reminders to take care of yourself.

    1. That is a great add on to this list. Positive Affirmations are so important! Thanks for sharing.

  5. These are some great ideas. I absolutely believe in lifelong learning, and I think I’m going to have to look into finding a mentor soon. I’m also saving your youtube link for the next time I need a laugh!

  6. Love this list! All of these things are so important. Constantly learning new things by reading and taking courses always helps me grow. 🙂

  7. Some good pointers and easy to achieve goals. Thanks

  8. I stopped at the first one on your list – Prioritize yourself – as I have never really thought of self-care and taking care of my needs as a prioritizing but it certainly is! If we let other things become the priorities we neglect the other things because we get too busy.

  9. You have so many great tips here! Paying it forward, showing gratitude, surrounding yourself with positive people are definitely habits I try to cultivate to grow myself. I can certainly do better at establishing a more solid routine every day. My biggest challenge is saying NO more often. Thanks for sharing these tips!

  10. Amazing Post.It was so great to read your Post.I can correlate each and everything.

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