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Make the Most of Service Perks

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service perks, benefits, shopping local, make the most of, helping hand
Make the Most of Service Perks

I am in independent woman, and proud of it. So I don’t usually make the most of service perks when I see them advertised. Well, I think I’m going to be humming a new tune on this idea from this point forward. So what am I talking about when I tell you to take advantage of service perks? This is something that a company or business does, on the service end of things, to get you to come and shop with them. The example that I experienced last Friday was a local store that offered “free drive through pick up on your order”. This is a store that I go to when I need to pick up dog food for my best friend Ripley.

Ripley, snow

Shopping at this store for Ripley means picking up a big bag of dog food, lifting it up and over a too high shopping cart, taking it up to the cash register, take it out to my vehicle, get it up and out of that too high shopping cart, and load it into my vehicle. Friday was going to be a busy day after work, so I decided that I would try this “free drive through” on my order.  On my last break of the day at my day job, I used my phone to place the order. Placing the order worked really well with this company, and I paid for it online and requested that it be available for the drive through. Two hours later I was done with my day job and off to the store to see if this would work as well as I had hoped.

Make the most of service perks – drive through style

I had a tough time finding out where the customer drive through area was, because it was completely behind the building and hidden between the loading zone for semi trucks. However, once I found the sign, I was on my way to the right place.  As a drove up, an employee opened up the door and I rolled down my window and said that I was picking up a bag of dog food. I experienced great customer service as he replied that he had it right there, all set for me. He asked me if I could open up the trunk. I was surprised to find that he even loaded the bag into my vehicle and closed the trunk so I was all set. All he needed from me, still sitting in the comfort of my driver’s seat, was a signature to say that I had picked it up. Simple as could be! Within literally 3 minutes, I was on my way and Ripley was going to be a very happy girl.

No walking into the back of the store for the pets department, no lugging a big bag into a too high shopping cart, no standing in line when I only needed to buy 1 thing. Wow, this is pretty great! Another Bonus, with a tight budget, not going into the store also helped me avoid any additional purchases of something that I saw and needed but wasn’t prepared to buy that day! So, I will be taking advantage of this service perk in the future. Heck, the next time I think I’ll add-on a bag of kitty litter at the same time for my other 4 legged friend. There is a time to be a proud independent woman, and there is a time to be a smart shopper and make the most of time and resources.

Stonewall Kitchen, LLC

More service perks to watch for

This free drive through perk was something that this store offered. However,  you can find other service perks will help you to decide to shop local and still be as convenient as shopping an online store and factoring in the shipping cost and time needed. 

  • Pharmacies – some pharmacies offer free delivery to your house by a driver. Others will ship your order to you for free.
  • Grocery Stores –  lots of service perks can come from your grocery store. Everything from placing your order on-line and have people at the store physically gather the items for you. All the way to delivery to your home. Check out what your favorite grocery store has to offer.
  • Restaurants – Some offer curb side pick up, where an employee brings your food all packaged up, right to your car. Others offer free delivery to your home or business. Still others like Panara Bread have a Rapid Pick Up option. You place your order ahead of time, and physically come into the restaurant. The perk,  you avoid the ordering lines completely because your order is sitting on a special shelf where you can grab your order and go. Fresh on the shelf at the time that you requested.

Look around and see where you can make the most of service perks in your own community. If you have seen any other retailers that offer service perks that you take advantage of, please let us know in the comments below. Making the most of your resources (time, energy, money) will have all of up making positive steps in directions of designing our plenty.


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  1. I rarely take up Service offers – But after reading this, I think I will start using a couple of the local drive through options. I have always felt that I am able bodied, so I will let someone who needs it more use these offers. But you highlighted that companies will be able to put on more staff as more sales will happen and it will actually help to grow a business.

    1. drriehl says:

      Exactly how I felt, but I agree with you the benefits to the company with staff will be helpful. And having customer loyalty with local business will also help to keep communities strong! Thanks for your comment!

  2. I use these all the time, and justify it because I have so many young children, lol! I rarely even have to grocery shop anymore!

    1. drriehl says:

      Fantastic! Making it work for you and yours family.

  3. I am all about these perks! Anything to keep me from shopping the grocery store with two kids or waiting for food is great for me! Our Panera has a drive thru which I love!!

    1. drriehl says:

      I didn’t even know that Panera’s had a drive through option, great use of service perks!

  4. I love service perks. And, I love that often it gives another person a job to do.

    1. drriehl says:

      I agree, that’s a great part of these programs!

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