sleep, hot, heat wave, no air conditioning
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Get to Sleep When it’s Too Hot Outside

sleep, hot, heat wave, no air conditioning
Get to Sleep When It’s Too Hot

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It’s a hot summer night, the temperature hasn’t dropped much from the day time high.The humidity makes it feel like you are walking in a cloud. How are you supposed to get to sleep so you can be refreshed for the next day? Try some of the tips below so you can get comfortable to settle into a good nights sleep.

Tips for cooling down to get to sleep

  • Cotton sheets – during summer use lightweight cotton sheets (think Egyptian cotton) that help to ventilate and promote airflow.
  • Ice Pack – you can use an old-fashioned hot water bottle to help you in summer. Fill it with water and then put it in the freezer to have a no leak ice pack by bedtime.
  • Window Fans – if your room is too hot, use the fan pointed outside to get some of the heat out before you go to bed.
  • Ceiling Fans – adjust ceiling fans so the blades run counter-clockwise and are pulling the hot air up and out instead of twirling it around the room.
  • Use ice – putting a tray of ice, or several bottles that are filled with frozen water in front of the fan will cool off the air as it moves towards you.
  • Clothing optional – two schools of thought here, some people prefer to sleep sans clothing when it gets really hot, and some people feel that having clothing on helps to wick away moisture. Run an experiment to find out which comfort school you belong to. Then make the bold choice to do what you have to do when the temperature get’s to your comfort threshold.
  • Pulse points – if you need to cool down in a hurry put an ice pack or cold compress at your pulse points; wrists, neck, elbows, ankles and behind the knees
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  • One is a cool number – sleeping alone, when it’s really hot out, may be the better choice than cuddling with your partner
  • Cool sheet relief – if you have a safe way to hook up an extra layer on your curtain rod, hanging a wet sheet in front of the open window and help to cool things off
  • Cool feet – you know how much better you feel in winter when you can get your feet warm and fall asleep, think the opposite in summer. Put your feet in a pan of cold water just before going to bed to cool off. You can also put a pan of cold water near your bed if you wake up in the middle of the night and need a cool down. (Note – if you have pets like me, this may not be the best option unless you want to wake up again needing to take them outside because they thought it was a liquid gift for them. Another issue is if you are not so graceful upon waking (again like me), and you fear that you will tip over your pan of water, causing extra time for clean up.)
  • Keep the bed to yourself – speaking of special furry friends, when it’s especially hot out you may need to negotiate the bed with them.  You will stay the most cool if you really spread out on the bed, arms wide, no body parts touching kind of idea. Take your furry friend to a nice cold tile part of your house (bathroom? kitchen?) and show them how much cooler it can be for them (just for a night or two) to sleep alone and you’ll meet up again for breakfast which will hopefully be cooler in the house!

So I hope that you can get a good nights sleep on the hottest days of this summer. And if you have any cooling ideas to add to the tips list, please leave a comment below and help all of us in this community to have a restful sleep.





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