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Tell Your Pet

Tell Your Pet, So You Can Stop Worrying

When we are worried, the talk in our heads move into overdrive. The thoughts start swirling a mile and minute and just when you thought you had imagined the worst scenario possible, something even more dreadful pops into your mind. This is the time to stop and Tell Your Pet about what is making you …

Bad Day - 20 ideas to make things better

Bad Day – 20 ideas to make things better

We’ve all been there, sometimes you are just have a bad day. It can be a bad day where 1 thing goes wrong. It could be a day where EVERYTHING seems to go wrong. It could be the dread of worry that makes everything seem bad, even if that’s really not reality. This Bad Day …

Sleep, good night's sleep, health, wellness, rest

Get A Good Night’s Sleep – Here’s How.

Get a good night’s sleep is a great recommendation. Sleep is important for our physical health, it is important in the healing process, improves our concentration, keeps our immune system strong, and can even enhance our memory skills. However, getting to sleep, and then staying asleep, can be tough for us. Sometimes we have trouble …

Give Your Brain a Workout

Give Your Brain a Workout to Boost Your Memory

This post may contain affiliate links As we get older, we start to get concerned that we might be loosing our memory. In the past, when we lost an item – maybe your car keys as you are trying to quickly get out the door – we were able to rationalize it innocently. Oops, I …

discover your hometown, hometown, explore, find, experience, discover

Discover Your Hometown

When was the last time you actively went out to discover your hometown? I have lived in the same town for over 10 years. When I first moved here, I was all excited and visited the local stores, the big community events, and places that were suggested to me. I had fun exploring my new …

as you wish, wishes, dreams, no restrictions, writing exercise

As You Wish

Today we are going to take some time to go though an exercise to imagine you doing something “As You Wish”. An exercise that would give you a special opportunity to think about doing something without constraints. For this exercise, go ahead and read the question and then give your first response. Your heart and …

eliminate distractions, efficient, control, goals,

How You Can Eliminate Distractions

You are starting off your day, and it’s going to be a busy one! You have a lot to do today, and your biggest project of the day is going to require your concentration and a couple of hours to get it done. Mentally you have planned out your day and you are ready to …

declutter, home, space, mindset, tips

Declutter Your Home

Have you ever walked into a home and you think, how do they keep this so clean? Don’t they have any stuff? I personally don’t like an all white house (white walls, white furniture, white light streaming in the windows) but I’ve often thought…if I had a white house would I magically be able to …

reward yourself, goals, rewards, treats, motivation

Reward Yourself When you Accomplish that Goal!

When you set a goal for yourself, what are the steps that you take? Perhaps you list out the goal that you have in mind. Next you make it a SMART goal (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, time-bound) to make sure that you can measure your success when reaching that goal. Milestones might come next in …

spring, growing, new growth, flowers, changes

Take a Walk, Spring is HERE!

Spring is here, and that means a lot of changes are going to be happening very quickly. I am always amazed at how much change can happen so quickly. One morning I walked outside and was amazed to see my first signs of spring…a clump of daffodils pushing through the soil. Right next to the …